Stocking Stuffers for Cats and Dogs

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Stocking Stuffers for Cats and Dogs

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start collecting those stocking stuffers—and don’t forget to include your furry family members, as well! “I think pets shouldn’t be left out of the holiday gift-giving traditions,” says Stephanie Liff, DVM, of Pure Paws Veterinary Clinic in New York.

In general Dr. Liff does suggest avoiding human food-based gifts that could cause intestinal upset, “but there are tons of chew treats and plush toys or clothing and bedding-type gifts that are perfect for your pets during the holidays,” she said. As an added bonus, treats make great stocking stuffers for your cat or dog lover and will help keep your four-legged family occupied (read: out of your hair) during your own holiday festivities.

Stumped on ideas for what to get? We’ve got some fun suggestions for your cat or dog that they (and you!) are sure to enjoy.

For Dogs:

USA Bones & Chews Curly Bully Stick Dog Chew Treats: Dog lovers have been gifting their pets with bully sticks for years because the benefits are many. “Bully sticks are a great way to give your pet a long-lasting way to keep busy,” says Cherie Mascis, CPDT-KA, Dogtown Manager of the Best Friends Animal Society®. Made of 100% USA beef, each batch of bully sticks is slow-roasted with no added artificial flavors, fillers, colors or preservatives, and never treated with chemicals. The bonus of bully sticks is that they not only keep your dog occupied for hours on end, but they also help remove plaque and tartar buildup for improved dental health and fresher breath. That’s called a win-win and make it feel like dog Christmas year-round.

Greenies Regular Dental Dog Treats: Maintaining your dog’s dental health is important all year round, but the holidays are the perfect time to stock up on the products to help you do so. Greenies Regular Dental Dog Treats fight plaque and tartar buildup, freshen breath and help your pooch maintain healthier teeth and gums. They’re also low in fat and nutritionally complete for adult dogs—talk about guilt-free stocking stuffers!

Greenies Pill Pockets Canine Chicken Flavor Dog Treats: If you have a picky pup who’ll do anything to avoid taking pills, Greenies Pill Pockets might be your best bet at actually getting him to keep those meds down. “The pill pockets by Greenies are really helpful for getting dogs to take their medicine, and enjoy doing it,” says Mascis. Plus, since they’re low in fat, calories and sodium, they make a better alternative than using human foods.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Interactive Dog Feeder: If your pet loves treats (and whose doesn’t), think about adding a fun feeder to her holiday stash. “I’d say when people consider stocking stuffers, while tasty treats are great, consider pairing them with a gift … that will help your pet use their minds and keep them occupied during the holidays,” Mascis suggested. With meal-lengthening ridges and mazes, the Fun Feeder fits that bill by keeping dogs entertained for up to 10 times longer at meal time and will make every meal feel like a dog Christmas holiday.

Busy Buddy Puppy Squirrel Dude Dog Toy: If you’re shopping around for puppy toys, the Busy Buddy Puppy Squirrel Dude Dog Toy provides a highly durable bounce to keep your young friend playing longer without wrecking the toy. Plus it holds a ton of different treat options, from dry kibble and regular treats to tasty cheese and peanut butter.

For Cats:

Greenies Feline Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor Dental Cat Treats: Cats have dental needs, too, and Greenies Feline Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor Dental Treats will keep your feline friend’s pearly whites in tip-top shape. Since oral health issues are the most common health problems diagnosed in adult pets, these treats that help clean your cat’s teeth by wiping away sticky tartar buildup should be at the top of your list.

Temptations Mixups Surfer’s Delight Cat Treats: If cat treats are on your cat’s stocking stuffer list, make them healthy and fun to get the most bang for your buck. Temptations Mixups come in tuna, shrimp and salmon flavors, and their crunchy outer shell helps control tartar to support dental health. They’re also less than two calories per treat, so they can be given daily without feeling guilty, and they are 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for adult cat maintenance.

SmartyKat Frisky Flyer Feather Wand Cat Toy: Cat toys are in demand and you’ll definitely want to add one to your cat’s stocking that’ll keep him entertained and help him get a little added exercise in. The SmartyKat Frisky Flyer Feather Wand helps you add a bit of play before treat time, says Jenn Corsun, Manager, Cat World, at the Best Friends Animal Society®, plus the design of the toy helps you (or younger playmates) keep a safe distance while your cat leaps and pounces.

Yeowww! Catnip Yellow Banana Cat Toy: Playing with your cat is great, but when you need some extra time to prepare for the holidays, you can encourage independent play with a Yeowww! Catnip Yellow Banana Cat Toy, says Corsun. Filled with the highest quality, 100% organically grown catnip from trusted farmers, Corsun says it’s an absolute favorite of her cats.

Starmark Pro-Training Clicker Dog Training Aid: If you’re looking for something a little different this year, Corsun suggests the Starmark Pro-Training Clicker Dog Training Aid … for your cat. “Yes, you can train cats,” she said, “and they love it!” The Starmark Pro-Training Clicker comes with a step-by-step training guide for its scientific method of training safely and easily, which means it’s just perfect for beginners.

Once your stocking stuffers are purchased and safely tucked in hiding for your four-legged family members or cat and dog lovers, Corsun suggests holding on to the boxes and packing paper, too. It’s like a bonus gift for cats and puppies!


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