The Best Dog Foods to Dish Up for Your Pup

By: Kristen ArendtUpdated:

best dog food

Whether you have a growing puppy, an energetic adult or an aging senior dog, you want to feed them the best dog food for their life stage and overall health. But with so many high-quality dog food options available, you might be left wondering what actually is the best dog food for your particular pup based on their specific needs.

Luckily, thousands of Chewy’s furry friends have done the taste testing, and we’ve rounded up the best-selling, best-rated dog food as ranked and reviewed by Chewy pet parents like you. We’ve got the best dog food brands for every age and size of dog as well as top picks for pups with sensitive stomachs or other dietary needs. These best dog foods are bound to get your pup’s tail a waggin’—and give you the peace of mind that you’re feeding your dog a complete and balanced diet with top-quality ingredients to keep them healthy.

Just be sure to talk with your veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist before making any changes to your dog’s diet—they can help make sure that whatever pet food you choose meets all your dog’s nutritional needs.

Go ahead and dish up the best dog food for your pup. Your healthy dog will enjoy a long life full of tail wags, walks and snuggles.

Planning to make a change to your dog’s diet? Read our guide on how to switch your pet’s food, and don’t forget to talk to your vet first.