The Best Dog Playpens for a Safe Spot for Your Pup to Romp

By: Kristen ArendtUpdated:

best dog playpens

Sometimes your dog needs a special spot all to themselves, and a dog playpen, also called a dog exercise pen, can ensure they have that just-right spot to nap, play or observe the world without getting into trouble. Not to be confused with a dog crate, dog pens are designed to provide your pet with a bit more space to safely stretch their legs. (Learn more about the differences here.)

To help you find the best dog playpen for your pet and space, we’ve rounded up the best-selling and top-rated ones sold on Chewy. These have been tried and tested by Chewy pup parents and are their top picks for keeping their dogs safe and secure.

Ideal for sleep or playtime, the best dog playpens will give your pup the perfect spot to romp or relax. Love the idea of giving your dog their own special spot? Take it to the next level with the best dog houses to give your pooch their own backyard room, too.