7 Pug Gifts Pug Parents Will Love

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7 Pug Gifts Pug Parents Will Love

Pug parents love anything that reminds them of their pint-sized puppers, so what’s better than giving them Pug-inspired dog gifts as a way of saying, “I love you as much as you love your dog.” Pugs are known for their big personalities, idiosyncrasies and heart.

There is no quelling the love that Pug parents feel for their fur babies, so take a look at these fun Pug gifts for dog lovers to help them let their “Pug flag fly.”

1. Imagine This Company’s “It’s Not a Home Without” Pug Sign

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Every Pug parent knows that a home is not complete without their dark-eyed, sweet-faced Pug, so gift them with a sign that says it all. The “It’s Not a Home Without a Pug” sign is a perfect gift for any Pug lover you know.

Designed and manufactured in Virginia, the wooden sign measures 10 inches by 5 inches and features a beautiful picture of a Pug, a message in black font that reads “It’s Not a Home Without a Pug” and some small, red paw prints. The attached rope makes it easy to hang in any room.

2. Pet Gifts USA My Faithful Friend Pug Mug

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If you’re on the search for the perfect “Pug mug” for yourself or a Pug parent, look no further than this one. The stunning, earthenware mug lists three traits associated with Pugs on one side and features a beautiful Pug portrait Designed by Danbury Mint artist Tamara Burnett on the other side.

This high-quality mug holds 15-ounces and is dishwasher and microwave safe, blending the beautiful with the practical. It’s the perfect gift for dog and coffee lovers. 

3. Imagine This Company’s Pug Bone Magnet

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At home or on the go, the love pet parents have for their four-legged friends does not wane. Help a pug lover out by gifting them an “I (heart) My Pug” magnet for them to put their love on display.

Measuring 2 inches by 7 inches, this magnet can be placed on any metallic surface, including a car bumper, refrigerator and mailbox. Unlike a traditional bumper sticker, the bone-shaped magnet won’t leave a sticky residue behind and easily can be moved from one location to another. The UV ink printed on the magnet is high gloss and is designed to withstand all weather conditions without fading.

4. Willow Creek Press’s “101 Uses for a Pug”

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The dog lover you’re shopping for probably already knows what a good companion their Pug is, but do they know that they could use their Pug as a foot warmer or a washcloth? According to Willow Creek Press’s “101 Uses for a Pug,” these pups are completely underutilized—until now.

This hilarious book provides photographs of Pugs performing all 101 duties, with descriptions of how these clever animals accomplish these tasks. This book ranks high in dog gifts for dog lovers—specifically Pug lovers—as it pinpoints the breed’s endearing traits and practical characteristics.

5. Imagine This Company’s Pug Street Sign

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Your friend may live on Main Street, but in their heart of hearts, they probably live on Pug Place. This quirky, decorative plastic sign can be hung indoors or outdoors. Gift this sign to the Pug lover you know so that they can display their true address on their mailbox, at the foot of their driveway, above their front door, or even on their pup’s dog house.

The words “Pug Pl” are printed in white uppercase letters on both sides of the green sign, so recipients can display the sign in a way where both sides are visible. This amusing 6-inch-by-8-inch sign is modeled after true street signs, so they might even fool some neighbors.

6. Socksmith’s Women’s Pug Crew Socks

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Pug lovers and parents want to show off their Pug pride no matter what, so why not start at their feet? Made of a soft, comfortable and durable blend of cotton, nylon and spandex, these socks are ideal for a Pug-loving fashionista!

They come in three colors—blue, black and peach—and feature a cute pattern of—you guessed it—Pugs. This Pug gift is not only functional, but adorable.

7. Susquehanna Glass’s Pug-Themed Stemless Wine Glass Set

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This wine glass set features four stemless glasses with Pug puns that are hand-sandblasted on the glass. They’re designed by skilled artisans in the United States and portray cute pictures of “bed Pugs,” a “Pug boat,” a “Pug shot” and an acoustic guitar with a Pug that says “unpugged.”

These 15-ounce glasses are ideal to hold any cold beverage, from wine to soda to juice, and are perfect for daily use as they are dishwasher safe for simple cleanup. With Pug puns like these, it would be hard to find a better gift for Pug parents.

 From Pug mugs to Pug socks, there is no shortage of gifts for dog lovers that are centered around these doe-eyed, snorting, soft, lovable pooches.

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