3 Sweater Trends for Pets, From Chic Chenille to Bubble Knits

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3 Sweater Trends for Pets, From Chic Chenille to Bubble Knits

For pet parents, winter is about more than slipping into an oversized cable knit sweater, lighting a pet-safe candle scented with crisp apple and cranberry, and warming your hands on a piping-hot pumpkin spice latte. It's also the season of dressing up your pet in equally as cozy—and stylish—sweaters. And this season’s pet sweater trends are all so adorable, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one new sweater to add to your pet’s winter wardrobe.

From 3-D textures to ’90s nostalgia, Chewy’s Design and Trend Analyst, San Tran, fills us in on this year’s top three sweater trends for dogs and cats—and how pet parents (like you!) can help their pets get the look, too.

Chic Chenille

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Made with tufted yarn, the ultra-plush chenille sweater was huge in the ’90s. And this season, it’s making a comeback in the pet apparel world—but with a modern twist.

According to Tran, these chenille sweaters for pets boast chunky and velvety textures (like the Frisco Textured Chenille Sweater), rainbow patterns (like the Frisco Multi-Stripe Ombre Hooded Sweater) and touches of tulle (as seen in the Frisco Chenille Knit Striped Dress).

“Incomparably comfortable and cozy to wear, while being carefree and sleek at the same time, chenille sweaters are back at the top of the trend charts as we continue the ’90s nostalgia trend that pet parents are already well-versed in,” Tran says.

Shop the Chic Chenille look:

Frisco Cozy Textured Chenille Dog & Cat Sweater

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Frisco Chenille Knit Striped Dog & Cat Dress
Frisco Soft Multi Stripe Ombre Dog & Cat Hooded Sweater

3-D Bubble Knits

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This season, it's all about embracing texture—and 3-D bubble knits are a top sweater trend for pets. 

“Textures are a key trend that goes beyond fashion into everyday comfort,” Tran says.

These fun-to-touch bubble knit sweaters are not only available in solid colors, like the Frisco Bubble Knit Mock Neck Sweater, which you can pick up in mint green or neutral black; they’re also available in a multi-colored stripe print, like the Frisco Bubble Knit Multi-Striped Sweater, which comes in two color combos: chocolate brown, powder pink, and cream; and red, pastel pink and purple, and white.

“The stripes accentuate the texture even more,” Tran says.

Shop these 3-D Bubble Knit sweaters:

Frisco Bubble Knit Mock Neck Dog & Cat Sweater
Frisco Bubble Knit Multi Striped Mock Neck Dog & Cat Sweater

Chunky Craft

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It’s a winter wardrobe staple: the chunky sweater. And for our pets this year, their chunky sweaters will take what Tran describes as a “crafty take on chunky sweater knits.”

“[We’re] showcasing the lofty yarns in multiple colors and patterns, while embracing the handmade look and feel of crochet knit patterns that continue to trend throughout 2023 and into 2024,” Tran says.

Frisco’s Chunky Knit Multi-Stripe Sweater, for example, is a funky, rainbow-hued, very-’70s-esque sweater made with a thick, acrylic knit fabric. Or, for pet parents in search of a neutral pet sweater that’ll match your own cream-colored chunky sweater, Frisco’s Chunky Cable Knit Sweater is lined with a soft sherpa fabric that’ll help give dogs and cats “the ultimate feeling of being wrapped in cozy warmth,” Tran says.

Shop our favorite Chunky Craft sweaters:

Frisco Chunky Knit Multi-Stripe Dog & Cat Sweater
Frisco Sherpa Lined Chunky Cable Knit Dog & Cat Sweater
Frisco Sherpa Lined Chunky Cable Knit Dog & Cat Hooded Sweater

Don’t Forget to Measure Your Pet

Wait! Before you add that dog or cat sweater to your cart, are you sure you’re ordering the correct size? 

“In the pet world, sizing isn't universal yet—meaning not all brands are the same and not all dogs are the same size or build," Tran says.

So, please measure your pet to ensure the best fit with your purchaseas every dog is unique!

Learn more about how to measure your pet.

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