Watch This Animal Rescue Group Save a Homeless, Pregnant Dog

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Courtesy of Rescue From the Hart

Watch This Animal Rescue Group Save a Homeless, Pregnant Dog

When Rescue From the Hart—a Los Angeles-based non-profit animal rescue group whose mission is to save animals—came across Bailey, a homeless dog, she was pregnant, scared and living in terrible conditions under a shopping cart.

When the animal rescue received a call about the homeless dog living under a shopping cart and surrounded by trash, the team leapt into action. But they had to use caution: Expectant and new dog moms are usually very protective of their young, and the rescuers were warned that the small white pup would growl at anyone who came near her.

After gaining her trust through time and treats, Annie Hart and her team of animal rescuers brought the sweet dog into a caring and safe environment where she could comfortably welcome her puppies into the world.

A few weeks after her rescue—and with a new moniker: Bailey—the little dog soon gave birth to four female puppies and one male puppy, which Rescue From the Hart lovingly nicknamed "The Bailey Bunch."

Check out the video below where you can watch the incredible journey, from Bailey's heartbreaking life on the streets to her awe-inspiring recovery as a playful, healthy mama to five adorable pups, who were eventually dubbed Ginny, Gibson, Tini, Julep and Shandy.

The video even shows an uplifting new beginning for Bailey and all of her babies—they all found loving forever homes. Get ready to happy cry.

You can also support all of the amazing work Rescue From the Hart does on their website,

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