19 Best Halloween Dog Costumes from Around the Internet

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19 Best Halloween Dog Costumes from Around the Internet

Halloween is just around the corner, and pretty soon pet parents will be either making or purchasing Halloween dog costumes that will bring out their pets’ cutest qualities.

You’ll love walking down the street while you show off your dog. But before you nail down your costume of choice, be mindful of the fact that you don’t want any material that might catch on furniture or on fire. And once you have the costume in hand, give it a trial run to ensure that your pet feels comfortable and isn’t trying to wriggle out of it.

Not sure what your dog should be this Halloween? We’ve rounded up some of the best Halloween costumes for dogs that just might inspire you.

1. The Literary Figure

If you’re searching for costume inspiration, look no further than your book case. Your favorite dog can be transformed into one of your favorite literary characters, like this adorable Pomeranian whose costume was inspired by Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the Dr. Seuss’ classic “The Cat in the Hat.”

2. The Superhero

Dogs are heroes in our eyes, so it only makes sense to dress them up like one, just like this classic superhero, Captain America.

Get the Look: Rubie’s Costume Company Captain America Dog Costume

3. The Bride and Groom

This pair of poodles looks pretty dapper as a married couple—a fine idea if you’re the proud of parent of two dogs.

Get the Look: East Side Collection Yappily Ever After Wedding Dress and Doggie Design Dog Tuxedo with Matching Hat & Collar

4. The Unicorn

Who says bigger dogs can’t dress up too? This Golden Retriever makes for one adorable unicorn.

Get the look: Rubie’s Costume Company Unicorn Dog Costume

5. The Video Game Character

These Super Mario and Luigi pooches are a gamer’s dream!

6. The Hamburger

You love food, and you love your dog. So, why not combine both interests in a cute food outfit? This Frenchie looks adorable as a hamburger.

Get the look: Rubie’s Costume Company Cheeseburger Dog Costume

7. The Sports Fans

Why not use your dogs to show off how much you love your favorite team? These pair of pups rep’ the Green Bay Packers’ colors well.

Get the look: Pets First NFL Dog and Cat Jersey

8. The Taco

Can we taco about this ridiculously cute dog costume? This smiling pug rocks this taco costume, toppers included!

Get the Look: Frisco Taco Dog Costume

9. The Tarantula

Who says a small dog can’t wear a large costume? This tiny Pomeranian manages to make a scary Tarantula costume look endearing.

Get the Look: Rubie’s Costume Company Spider Dog Costume

Another frighteningly cute costume is the Zack & Zoe Werewolf Dog Costume. This three-piece costume set includes furry hands, ripped pants and a plaid shirt. Fur not included-we’re quite certain your best friend has that covered!

10. Santa’s Lil’ Helper

For some people, Christmas can’t come soon enough! This dog costume is perfect for those who like to get into the holiday spirit early.

Get the look: Rubie’s Costume Company Santa’s Helper Dog Costume

11. The Dog from Middle-Earth

You shall not pass this pug!

12. The Piece of Toast

Food costumes almost always work well, and this Tibetan Spaniel makes for one adorable piece of toast.

13. The Beer-Carrying Dog

Humorous costumes are usually good bets. Dressing your dog up to carry a case of beer will be funny for you and any observers, too.

14. The Banana Split with a Dog on Top—or Bottom

Food costumes have universal appeal. And this Labrador Retriever—more proof that costumes are not just for tiny dogs—makes for one scrumptious sundae.

15. The “Pup”-kin

A pumpkin might be somewhat of a cliché costume, but let’s face it, this Bull Dog makes an exceptionally cute pooch.

Get the Look: Frisco Pumpkin Dog & Cat Costume

16. The Beanie Baby

Hanging a Ty sign off of your dog’s collar is a super easy costume and a throwback to one of the most popular 90s toys, the Beanie Baby.

17. The Minions

This pair of Poodles is instantly transformed into one of the most popular kid’s characters today—Minions.

18. The Polar Bear

Halloween is the best time to transform your pup into something completely different. Take this polar bear for instance. Absolutely ferocious. Ferociously cute!

19. The Butterfly

Cute costumes don’t have to be complicated. Just donning a pair of butterfly wings—like this sweet-looking Cocker Spaniel—can be one memorable costume.

Get the Look: Frisco Monarch Butterfly Dog Costume 

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