Touching Timelapse Video Shows Sick Great Dane Puppy Turning Into Adult Dog

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Touching Timelapse Video Shows Sick Great Dane Puppy Turning Into Adult Dog

When director and filmmaker David Meinert decided to rescue Pegasus, he knew he was taking a risk.

According to, the 4-week-old puppy came from bad breeding conditions and no one expected the Great Dane to live very long. Most of Pegasus’ siblings were born with birth defects or didn’t survive at all.

At birth, Pegasus had a pigment deficiency defect, and veterinarians told Meinert that the problem would eventually cause the dog to go blind and deaf. The filmmaker didn’t expect Pegasus to live very long, but he vowed to care for her until the end.

When he brought Pegasus home, Meinert decided to document every day of Pegasus’ life, so that he could always remember their time together. He set up a camera and lighting in front of a doggy treadmill that Pegasus used for daily exercise.

After months of daily filming, Meinert put together an incredible timelapse that shows Pegasus growing from a tiny, clumsy puppy into a regal-looking adult dog. She’s defied the odds and continues to thrive in Meinert’s care.

At the end of the video, with text on the screen, Meniert ends with a touching thought, saying, “I still don’t know how long she is going to live. But right now is pretty great.”

Will somebody pass the tissues please?

Images: Screen captures via Dave Meniert on Vimeo

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