The ‘Great Wiener Dog Race’ Exists and It Is Everything

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The ‘Great Wiener Dog Race’ Exists and It Is Everything

A bar in Philadelphia gets into the spirit of National Hot Dog month in an unusual—and awesome—way.

Every July, Dachshunds descend on Lucky’s Last Chance in Manayunk and participate in Lucky’s Great Wiener Race, a charity event to raise money for the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

This year, nearly 40 pups participated in 10 different races—including full and mixed-breed competitions—and hundreds of spectators filled the area, including the alley beside the bar and at the train station stop behind it.

Wiener dog race 1

The competitors, with names like Oscar, Nathan, Moose and Brutus, strapped on hot dog costumes and ran down a 60-foot astro turf track in the backyard.

Some pups dashed across the finish line, literally running their buns off, while others took the course at a slower pace—sitting right down in the center of the track till their owners scooped them up and whisked them to the end.

In a photo finish, a dog named Dilly won the mixed-breed final, while veteran racer Mazie won the purebred final.

Wiener dog race 2

Now in it’s 5th year, the race has raised thousands of dollars to support PAWS, says Chris Barnes, managing partner of Lucky’s Last Chance.

“We wanted to get playful with National Hot Dog month,” Barnes says of the inspiration behind the event, “and do an event with our furry friends while in the spirit of hot dogs.”

Donation buckets made their way around the yard during the event, and proceeds from hot dogs and Neshaminy Creek beers (an event sponsor) sold also went to PAWS.

Wiener dog race 3

In addition to bragging rights, the winning wiener in each category received a professional photo shoot and a prize basket of dog-friendly goodies.

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