Stray Dog Leads Rescuers to Abandoned Dog and Ten Puppies

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Stray Dog Leads Rescuers to Abandoned Dog and Ten Puppies

A stray dog that was dumped in a park in Dallas, Texas has been eluding rescuers for weeks, but according to an article from CBS Dallas, a dire situation forced the dog to approach the rescuers for help.

Marina Tarashevsce, who works with Dallas Dogrrr, told reporters that a dog named Hero began barking nonstop when they approached his normal spot. At first, Tarashevsce was concerned because Hero had never acted like that towards her, but John Miller, a dog behaviorist who was with Tarashevsce at the time, said the dog was trying to tell them something.

The rescue workers got out of their vehicle and began following Hero. Every time they got near the dog, he ran forward more and began barking again. The dog led them into a heavily wooded area.

Eventually, Tarashevsce heard noises coming from the inside of a burnt-out tree trunk. When she explored further, she found a mother dog and ten puppies, lying in the mud and shivering.

Tarashevsce and Miller rushed into action and brought the puppies and the mother, named Mona, to a veterinarian. Thanks to Hero’s barking and the rescuers’ efforts, all ten of the puppies and Mona survived.

“He took us to the puppies,” Tarashevsce told CBS. “That is exactly what he was trying to do.”

Mona, Hero and all the puppies are all in warm, safe foster homes, and the puppies will be put up for adoption once they are fully weaned from their mother.

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