JiffPom’s Guide to Beating the Winter Blues

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JiffPom’s Guide to Beating the Winter Blues

JiffPom’s Guide to Beating the Winter Blues

JiffPom's winter guide

Image: courtesy JiffPom

Winter is sadly here, and JiffPom is just as upset about it as you are. Though he’s covered in fur, the tiny pup prefers the California sun to snow and is not a fan of being out in the cold. Fortunately, he has strategies for tackling the winter blues—in the form of wooly dog sweaters, cozy pajamas and more.

We caught up with the adorable fur ball to get his best tips on how to conquer winter.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Hoodie

JiffPom's winter guide-wear hoodies

Image: courtesy JiffPom

Winter is cold so, I recommend outfitting yourself in any and every plush, furry ensemble that you can get your paws on.

The Furrier Your Headwear, the Better

JiffPom's winter guide-wear hats

Image: courtesy JiffPom

I don’t set a single paw out in the cold without a hat on. It’s amazing how much covering up my furry little ears helps to keep me warm—but only faux fur for me!

Take a Nice Bath

JiffPom's winter guide-take a bath

Image: courtesy JiffPom

I’m a big fan of a nice, warm bath. It can take a little coaxing to initially get me into the bathtub, though, because getting out can be so brrrrr. But once you dry off with a dog towel, you feel so great. Sometimes when I leave the tub, my owner wraps me up in my favorite robe and I sit under the heating fan for a while.

Get Cozy

JiffPom's winter guide-get cozy

Image: courtesy JiffPom

It’s not quite a Snuggie, but it’ll do. ‘Nuff said!

Hang with a Friend

JiffPom's winter guide-hang with a friend

Image: courtesy JiffPom

If I can’t go out and play, I invite a friend in.

Get Snowed In

JiffPom's winter guide-have a sleepover

Image: courtesy JiffPom

And sometimes playdates become sleepovers, because who wants to drive home in the snow?

Go Shopping

JiffPom's winter guide-go shopping

Image: courtesy JiffPom

When the snow is falling and you can’t play outside, grab a pal and hit the store for a little retail therapy. I love riding in the shopping cart, especially when we roll through the dog food aisle.

Detox …

JiffPom's winter guide-detox

Image: courtesy JiffPom

Eating a big, healthy meal always puts a smile on my face. It also builds up my immune system and keeps me free of colds and winter sniffles.

… Or Don’t

JiffPom's winter guide-indulge

Image: courtesy JiffPom

Some days it’s salads, but when the winter blues really hit, that’s when you have to indulge. I’m definitely a fan of treating yourself. You only live once, so go big or go home!

Get in Character

JiffPom's winter guide-play dress up

Image: courtesy JiffPom

Sometimes it’s fun to play dress up with dog costumes! I always bark at the chance to be “Super Dog” for the day.

Watch a Movie

JiffPom's winter guide-watch a movie

Image: courtesy JiffPom

Laughter is the best medicine. I’m a big fan of curling up on the couch with a funny movie. “The Secret Life of Pets” was my favorite release of the year. I own several copies.

Phone a Friend

JiffPom's winter guide-phone a friend

Image: courtesy JiffPom

Misery loves company. If it’s cold and you just aren’t feeling it, call up a pal.

Take it Day by Day

JiffPom's winter guide- take it day by day

Image: courtesy JiffPom

And if all else fails and you succumb to winter blues, it’s quite alright. Just remember that you’re only canine after all. Tomorrow is a new day!

Nicole Pajer is a freelance writer who lives in Los Angeles with her husband, energetic Doberman, and rat terrier.


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