Instagram Dog Chloe the Mini Frenchie Has Passed Away

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Instagram Dog Chloe the Mini Frenchie Has Passed Away

A heartbreaking loss in the animal world: Chloe the Mini Frenchie, who had a devoted following on social media, has died at just 4 years old.

The terrible news was announced by Chloe’s owner, Loni Edwards, on the pup’s Instagram page on October 25.

“We are numb and heartbroken to share that Chloe has gone to heaven,” the post reads.


Edwards told her 179,000 followers that Chloe had gone in for a routine procedure which “she did great with.” She was then brought to New York City’s BluePearl Chelsea location for overnight observation when the worst happened.

The post states that, while Chloe was at the veterinary hospital, “staff erroneously directly attached the oxygen to her, the pressure of which blew out her lungs, [which] lead to multiple cardiac arrests, and ultimately killed her.”

BluePearl Chelsea released the following statement to PawCulture regarding Chloe’s death:

“We are so very sorry for the loss of Chloe, a special dog who brought joy to thousands of people. This was a medical error that shouldn’t have happened. We are conducting a review and will be taking immediate steps to ensure nothing like this ever again occurs at one of our hospitals. We recognize that pets are part of our families, and we strive to give our patients the same care we would want our own pets to receive. As animal lovers, we are so saddened by Chloe’s death, and we are committed to working with the Edwards family and responding to their concerns.”


Edwards says that while Chloe “fought so hard to stay with us,” the tragic mistake “was simply too much for our little nugget to overcome.”

Chloe’s mama then thanked all of the Frenchie’s fans and followers, telling them, “she was an incredible pup and we’re going to miss her so much.”

The loss is being felt by those who knew Chloe and those who admired her around the internet.

Allure’s Editor-in-Chief Michelle Lee reminisced about Chloe’s visit to their offices, and paid tribute to the pup on her Instagram page:


And more tributes on social media have been pouring in for Chloe:




Rest in peace, sweet Chloe.

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