Extra! Extra! Kids Make Newspaper for Cat’s Litter Box Time

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Extra! Extra! Kids Make Newspaper for Cat’s Litter Box Time

Some real talk: no one wants to get stuck in the bathroom without decent reading material. It’s boring and lonely in there.

Turns out, that indisputable truth even applies to our cats, and we’ve been leaving them stranded in their litter boxes unstimulated for too long.

Fortunately, two totally clever kids from Rochester, New York are tackling this problem and recently made a series of newspapers for their cat Baba Ganoush to peruse (ahem, purrrruse) while he’s indisposed.

Jarrod Krieger, the father of the girls (aged 10 and 12), posted the image of their pet reading the amazingly detailed periodical (ahem, purrrriodical) from his cat litter box on Reddit.


The image of Baba reading feline-friendly headlines including “Hurricane Purma Strikes Again!”, “Miss Fluffy Won the Pagaent!” and “Pawlitics Update” has since gone viral.

Krieger says that the inspiration for the paper came when the girls noticed their 7-year-old cat staring at the blank wall while doing his business.

“They have made a couple issues so far,” Krieger says of the project, which started this fall. “I think there is a Catmopolitan Magazine cover is on the way.”

Who says print is dead?

Images via Jarrod Krieger

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By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: