10 Hacks To Hide Your Cat’s Litter Box

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10 Hacks To Hide Your Cat’s Litter Box

As a cat owner, it’s no secret the cat litter box can be one of biggest challenges. Not only do you have to have enough of them, but you also need to figure out where to put them — a situation made more difficult if living with a dog or without much room to spare in your home! These 10 hacks will help you hide your cat’s litter box while providing your cat some much-needed privacy to do his business.

1. The Perfect Hallway Hack

Having just moved into an apartment where the hallway was the only place to put the litter box, Laura Birek of Nocturnal Knits wanted to make sure her cat’s potty palace wasn’t “too in your face.” Her hack, which involved modifying a rattan chest, fit into the apartment’s décor and, at $60, was cheaper than other acceptable litter box solutions.

Wicker trunk containing cat littler box.

Photos Courtesy of Nocturnal Knits

Get the how-to at Nocturnal Knits.

2. Living Room Litter Box No. 1

At a glance it’s impossible to know a cat litter box resides in this living room belonging to in Brandy of Bella Pop. But surprise! It does, and there’s enough room for the box and all necessary accouterment.

Litter box hidden inside living room end table with doors.

Photo Courtesy of Bella Pop

Thanks to Bella Pop for this modern hack. I’m tempted to run out and try it myself!

3. A Litter Box For Shared Kitty And Human Space

It’s not easy to put a litter box in a room used by both felines and humans, but this hack from Ikea Hackers does a great job of concealing the litter box without detracting from the room.

Cat litter box hidden inside of an Ikea bureau.

Photos Courtesy of Ikea Hackers

To learn how to make this uber-stealth litter box, click here.

4. Puppy-Proof Litter Box

For the animal-loving family at Olive and Love, the addition of a new dog meant finding a second “safe” place for their kitties to use the loo. The office was the only place that made sense for this couple, so they found a way to stash the litter box in an old filing cabinet. Pretty innovative!

Cat litter box hidden inside of a filing cabinet.

Photos Courtesy of Olive and Love

To give this hack a try, visit Olive and Love.

5. Pay-No-Attention-To-The-Cat-Behind-The-Curtain Litter Box

This Old House came up with a great curtained concept for hiding the litter box that also allows your cat to make a grand entrance. Or exit, as the case may be!

Cat litter box hidden inside of a kitchen cabinet with the cabinet door replaced by a curtain.

Photo Courtesy of This Old House/Lisa Romerein

Check it out here.

6. A Litter Box For NYC Living

Full disclosure, this hack is mine. Living in a one-bedroom New York City apartment with three cats has its challenges. I knew I needed at least two litter boxes, but I already had one in the entrance and didn’t know where to put the second litter box. The bathroom was too small, and kitchen and bedroom were out of the question. Thankfully, I was able to make use of a small storage space under my stairs for a private “cat cave” the kitties love using, and guests hardly know it’s there!

Cat litter box hidden inside of a closet under the stairs with a little cat door cut into the closet's large door.

Photos Courtesy of I Have Cat

See how I did it here.

7. Landing Space For Lounging And Litter

Design company MSLK was undeterred when faced with the challenge of adding a litter box to its studio. The solution: Hide the litter box inside of a bench.

Cat litter box hidden inside of a bench.

Photo Courtesy of MSLK

See how they did it here.

8. The Reduce-Litter-Tracking Hack

Litter tracking can be a big problem. Nothing like finding cat litter in your bed — yuck. This solution April of The Fancy Lady found involves storing litter inside a large storage bin. It proved to be a great success — only 4 “granules” of litter found outside the box!

Cat litter box hidden inside of a large plastic tub.

Photos Courtesy of The Fancy Lady

If you have the room to stash a large bin, this hack is a huge #WIN.

9. The 2-in-1 Litter Locker

Modern litter box solutions are not easy to find, especially with the added challenge of keeping doggie away during Kitty’s “alone time” and from the cat food. But the folks at MoCrafty found a very modern-looking hack that keeps Kitty happy and the doggies out!

Cat litter box hidden inside of a rolling locker with a cat door cut into the side.

Photos Courtesy of MoCrafty

Check out MoCrafty to make this hack for you and your cat!

10. Litter Box In The Living Room No. 2

For cat owner Frannie Laks of Heart n’ Crafts, living in a small home meant putting the litter box right next to the sofa. Yikes! What to do? To conceal the box, Laks got creative and repurposed an end table found on Craigslist.

Cat litter box hidden inside a living room end table.

Photo Courtesy of Hearts n’ Crafts

Looks awesome, doesn’t it? And all for under $20! Make your own by checking out detailed instructions provided by Heart n’ Crafts. We hope you’ve found at least one hack that fits your budget, storage needs, décor and budget. Feel free to leave links to other helpful litter box hacks in the comments. The more the merrier!

By: Tamar Arslanian

Featured Image: Ikea Hacks


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