Brandy the Pit Bull Finds a Loving Home After a Year in a Shelter

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Brandy the Pit Bull Finds a Loving Home After a Year in a Shelter

Brandy the Pit Bull has one seriously incredible smile and fortunately, she’s been doing much more of it recently. After 361 days at the MSPCA Boston shelter, Brandy has finally found a loving forever home.

On November 8, Boston resident Sarah Feeney went to the shelter to visit Brandy, whom she’d been following on the MSPCA’s Instagram page.


According Rob Halpin, director of public relations at the MSPCA, Feeney had been watching Brandy’s journey, which started nearly a year ago, and was “profoundly moved by her plight.”

Brandy, now 4 years old, was surrendered to the MSPCA in 2016 because her former family had troubles with her spay incontinence. Thankfully, it’s an easily treatable condition, and thanks to her time in the shelter and the patience she’s been shown in her new home, she has no issues with house training while on her medication, Halpin says.

He adds that it was love at first sight for Feeney and Brandy, who got along immediately. MSPCA staff knew she was the right person for Brandy, and after the requisite paperwork was filled out, she, at long last, went home.

Halpin says that Brandy is doing great since going home and that she loves daily walks, playing and snuggling, according to her new mom.


Brandy’s inspiring story of patience and fate, which has already been picked up by a local news affiliate, doesn’t end there, of course. Feeney has created an Instagram page for her new gal to give followers daily updates on how Brandy is doing.

Among other tidbits, so far we’ve learned that Brandy “never met a toy she doesn’t like…or a good nap spot.”

It’s hard to imagine why a friendly dog like Brandy was stuck in a shelter so long, but it seems like these new BFFs were simply meant to be.

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