Chewy Hosts Puppy Yoga to Promote Pet Adoption

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Chewy Hosts Puppy Yoga to Promote Pet Adoption

What’s better than taking a break from your desk and doing some yoga? Doing puppy yoga, of course.

To celebrate National Yoga Day, we put on our yoga pants and teamed up with Good Karma Pet Rescue of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to practice yoga alongside eight adorable rescue puppies available for adoption. Then we shared a video of the event on our social pages in the hopes of increasing the puppies’ chances of getting adopted.

That’s right, Chewy team members did the downward dog pose among a bunch of cute dogs. Of course, the puppies didn’t always stay on their own mats, but we don’t mind if a dog interrupts our yoga practice. In fact, we welcome it with open arms (or rather, sun salutations).

These puppies made our day, and in return, we made sure they didn’t go home empty-handed. They left with cozy new dog beds, dog leashes and collars, dog potty pads and dog poop bags.

Best of all, since the event took place, each and every one of these puppies has found a forever home.

We hope these puppies are now reaping the benefits of doga with their new pet parents and living each day one stretch at a time.

Lindsay Schencker, BeChewy Associate Editor
The moment Lindsay started her career here at Chewy, she hit the ground running in customer service; she knew that this is the company she wanted to grow with from then on. When Lindsay isn’t spending her time writing for BeChewy, she’s most likely binge-watching a Netflix series and cuddling up with her 80-pound fur baby, Dexter.

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By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: