The Hottest Pet Home Decor Trends of 2023

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pet home decor trends: cat wall shelf bridge frisco
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The Hottest Pet Home Decor Trends of 2023

Rich earth tones, natural wood grains, sleek and modern design: These trends are showing up more and more in homes—and we’re not talking about your furniture, we’re talking about your pets’ stuff. From cat wall shelves to dog beds, pet home décor is following in the footsteps of human decor trends, making it easier to seamlessly integrate into virtually every shared space of your home.

We spoke to Chewy Design and Trend Manager Ann-Margaret Kim for the hottest pet home décor trends of 2023.

Earth Tones and Textures

pet home decor trends: earth tones and textures
Photos: Chewy Studios

From “soothing green hues” and “timeless blues” to wooden furniture, this year home décor and design trends will “shift into earthy, texture-rich territory,” according to Kim. She adds that these “clean forms, neutral color palettes and bespoke touches will lend warmth and character to any space.”

Frisco's Modern Cat Tree & Condo is a perfect example of this earthy trend, both in terms of tone and texture. It’s crafted with a natural wood grain and features pops of dark brown accents. For dogs, Frisco's Pillow Bed is available in a khaki green color that’ll give any living room a subtle pop of on-trend color.

Our favorite pet décor that embraces earthy tones and texture include:

Frisco 62-in Modern Cat Tree & Condo
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Frisco Pillow Cat & Dog Bed, Khaki Green
Frisco Premium Modern Wood Elevated Double Diner Bowl
Frisco Rectangular Bolster Cat & Dog Bed, Khaki Green

High Design Wall Shelving

pet home decor trends: modular cat wall shelving
Photos: Chewy Studios

This year, cat parents can expect to find an increasing number of modern wall shelving that practically pass as wall art: They’re not only a functional accessory and safe space where your cat can play, relax and satisfy their instinctual need to climb, but this kind of design-forward shelving also adds some serious cool factor to your living room, bedroom or office.

Frisco, for example, sells a hexagon shelf and a bridge wall shelving that combine light-hued wood material with ivory accents, making it fit right into any organic modern home. And not only do these modern shelving units look great (especially when you buy as a bundle and combine them), but they also save floor space–and we’d consider that a win-win.

“Equal parts home décor and cat hangout, new at Chewy for spring is a fresh take on the wall mounted modular system, which you can customize to fit your design needs … [and] create your perfect set-up,” Kim says.

Our favorite cat shelves and perches include:

Frisco Bundle Hexagon Cat Silhouette with Bridge Wall Mounted Cat Wall Shelves
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Frisco Cat Silhouette with Bridge Wall Mounted Cat Wall Shelves
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Frisco Hexagon Wall Mounted Cat Wall Shelf
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Frisco Wooden Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Cat Feeding Station with Bowl

Modern Outdoor Dog and Cat Houses

pet home decor trends: outdoor dog and cat house
Photos: Chewy Studios

Whether redecorating for yourself or your pets, don’t forget to consider your outdoor furniture, too. And for pets, outdoor dog and cat homes are sleeker–and more modern–than ever.

Frisco's Aspen Dog House, for example, boasts a minimalist, modern design that'll fit perfectly in anyone's mid-century modern backyard. For cats, Frisco’s Outdoor Wooden Cat House is a stylish hangout where they can either keep watch from the upper deck or seek solitude inside.

“With more time spent with our pets outside, even if it is in our backyards, we want our pet family members to be comfortable in a stylish way,” Kim says, adding that modern interior design deserves a space in your backyard, too.

Our favorite modern pet homes are:

Frisco Outdoor Wooden A-Frame Cat House
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Frisco Outdoor Wooden Cat House with Elevated Balcony Steps
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Frisco Modern Wooden Outdoor Dog House
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Frisco Classic Wooden Outdoor Dog House
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