New Survey Reveals That Pets Are Better Cuddlers Than Partners

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New Survey Reveals That Pets Are Better Cuddlers Than Partners

Who ranks as the best cuddlers, our partners or our pets?

You guessed it, more than half of pet parents (53%) say their pet is a better cuddler than their partner. That's from a recent survey by Chewy of hundreds of pet parents just like you. The findings shows pets are much more than pets—from expert cuddlers, closest confidants and biggest cheerleaders to family members, best friends and even soulmates.

The results comes as no surprise to many of us. In a world with so much change and uncertainty, our pets are emotional anchors who center us and ground us during happy and sad times. Considering that 89% of respondents agree that their pets understand their emotions feeling a connection to them that’s sometimes even stronger than the ones we feel with other people makes perfect sense.

The findings demonstrates the complexity and depth of the pet-pet parent bond. According to respondents:

  • 84% consider pets family
  • 50% view their pet as their child
  • 42% say their pet is their best friend
  • 14% consider their pet their soulmate

What's more, we depend on them for support and they’re there for us through it all. And while the jury it out about whether they understand our actual words, clearly that does not stop us from having deep communications with our pets:

  • 86% regularly talk to their pet each day
  • 96% say their pet is there for them through good and bad times
  • 89% believe pets understand their emotions

If you make important life decisions with the health and happiness of their animal family members in mind, you are in good company. Read on for more.

Given how much pets mean to pet parents, there’s little they wouldn’t do to make them happy.

regularly share their bed with one or more of their pets.
of those who sleep with their pet would sacrifice a good night’s sleep for their pet’s comfort.
have included or would include their pet in their will.
yoga with cat

95% agree that their pet loves them unconditionally.

well behaved dog

60% of those with children shared that their pet is better behaved and a better listener.

pets make us laugh

50% of pet parents said their pets make them laugh more often than their partner.

They’re the inspiration behind made-up songs, take over our camera rolls and have their own social accounts.


33% make up songs about their pet.


38% have made a social media account for their pet.


35% admit their pet takes up more than half of their camera roll.


21% of married pet parents have included their pet in their wedding.

They’re our little “Mini Me” as 73% say they share personality traits with their pets.  

woman with cat

People pay tribute to their pet through their homes and wardrobe!

42% dress their pets in clothing, with 10% owning shirts showing off their furry pal. More than half (57%) of pet parents have some sort of memorabilia celebrating and honoring their pet, with the most common items being framed photos, coffee mugs, paintings and blankets. 
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We’re obsessed with pets, just like you. Pets aren’t just pets. They’re more. They’re our travel buddies, ride or dies, therapists and soul mates.

On National Pet Day, join us in celebrating every unique bond, from the silliest to the emotional, share your own stories with #ChewyMoreThanAPet on TikTok.


By: BeChewy EditorsUpdated: