9 Dog Movies Honoring Military Canines

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9 Dog Movies Honoring Military Canines

Memorial Day is a time to honor and remember those who have died serving our country, including the four-legged ones. While there are a variety of Memorial Day traditions to choose from—from parades to barbeques or even taking a trip—it’s also a great time to learn a little history by curling up with your dog and a good movie. We’ve put together a list of the best movies celebrating military dogs to watch on Memorial Day.

1. “War Dogs of the Pacific”

This movie depicts the remarkable true stories of the Marine war dog platoons of World War II. This touching film uncovers the unique and special bond formed between the Marines and their dogs. Through dangerous missions and the saving of countless lives, these dogs are more than just “Man’s Best Friend.”

2. “Megan Leavey”

Make sure to have something to hang on to for this 2017 drama based on a true story. Follow the close relationship of Marine Megan Leavey, and her dog Rex, as they make their tour around Iraq. You’re sure to be inspired by this tale of heroism, friendship and courage.

3. “War Dogs/Pride of the Army”

Filmed in 1942, this patriotic film is about a boy who donates his best friend to the Dogs for Defense, a government organization responsible for training household dogs for the military during WW II. “War Dogs” is a great story about soldiers and dogs doing what they can to survive war and make a difference.

4. “Finding Rin Tin Tin”

Based on the true story of Rin Tin Tin, the movie depicts the life of Rin Tin Tin from war hero to movie star. The story begins in France during World War 1, when American corporal Lee Duncan rescues a mother and her puppies, keeping his favorite puppy, Rin Tin Tin. Duncan enlists an expert dog handler to teach Rin Tin Tin amazing skills, such as bringing first aid to soldiers on the battlefield. After the War Rin Tin Tin returns home with Duncan and goes on to star in 14 feature films.

5. “Max”

Make sure to have your tissue box close by. “Max” is a bittersweet tale following a German Shepherd by the name of Max, who loses his handler, Kyle, in war. After the death, Max returns to his handler’s family. Through thick and thin Max and Kyle’s brother, Justin, develop a close bond. This is a must-see tale for the whole family—four-legged members included!

6. “Dog Jack”

The movie tells the story of an enslaved boy and his dog who escape their plantation, join the union army and have to face their former master on the battlefield. The movie is inspired by the historical real-life adventures of the beloved mascot of the Pennsylvania 102nd during the Civil War. Jack was was regarded so highly for his skills in battle that he was exchanged for a Confederate prisoner of war two times.

7. “My Dog Skip”

While not a movie about a war hero, “My Dog Skip” is about a dog who is a hero to a young boy during war time. A heart-warming and emotional film, this movie is one any dog lover can enjoy.

8. “Always Faithful”

This movie follows five young Marines and their faithful companions from training through deployment overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan. The teams are responsible for the lives of countless fellow troops and the movie depicts their powerful and heroic tales of bravery and sacrifice.

9. “War Dog: A Soldier’s Best Friend”

War Dog: A Soldier’s Best Friend is a documentary tribute to military K9s that served.  This amazing in-depth feature examines the bond between K9s and their handlers throughout their military career and through war. This is a true account of how the loyalty of dogs has no limitations. It may just make you hold your pup closely and never let go.

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