Calling All Black Cat Lovers: We’re Celebrating Your Favorite Felines

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Calling All Black Cat Lovers: We’re Celebrating Your Favorite Felines

Do you prefer cats who disappear in the dark? Is your favorite movie character Thackery Binx? Do you wear your kitty’s shedded black fur with pride? If you answered yes, you’re a bona fide black cat superfan—and this page is the perfect place for you. We’re dedicating this space to celebrating everything about black cats—and while the timing is ideal (National Black Cat Day is just around the corner), this party for dark-furred felines is on all year long.

Just like any other color of kitty, black cats are elegant, sassy, sophisticated, loyal and loving—and they do it all in the face of outdated myths about being spooky or bringing bad luck. That’s why we think it’s time to show some long-overdue appreciation for everything we love about black cats.

Read on to test your knowledge with fun black cat trivia, read a rundown of our favorite pop culture kitties, and even add your own black cat to our fan gallery—and along the way, find out how you can help black cats in your area.

Black Cat Breeds

You might think black cats are a breed all their own—but in fact, several types of cats can have black coloring. Check out these fascinating facts about black cat breeds.
These exotic cats
were named after
the capital of India
(now called Mumbai),
thanks to their
resemblance to
that country’s
black leopards.
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British Shorthair
British Shorthairs
are especially
striking thanks to their
large, round eyes,
which are usually
a bright
copper color.
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Maine Coon Cat
This fluffy breed
is especially adapted
to the cold
New England
winters, with wide,
paws for walking
on snow.
Learn More

Scottish Fold
This medium-sized
breed is best
known for their
folded-down ears,
which make them
look like small
owls or tiny bears.
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Can a hairless
cat be black?
In the case of the Sphynx, yes! Black Sphynx cats have the same soft, wrinkly skin as their pink counterparts.
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Want to learn more about the different breeds of black cats?

Click here!

Black Cat Trivia

You consider yourself a black cat superfan—but do you know the answers to these trivia questions about black cats? Tap or mouse over the boxes below to find out just how much you know about your favorite felines.
What color eyes can black cats have?
Black cats' eyes can be a variety of colors, including green, yellow, hazel, copper, orange or gold. Blue eyes are less common. But no matter what color your cat's eyes are, they're all gorgeous!
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Can a black cat's coat change color?
Yes! If your black cat spends a lot of time in the sun, their black fur may turn a rusty, reddish-brown color. The sun can fade the black pigment in their coat, giving them natural kitty hair highlights.
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When is National Black Cat Day?
October 27 is National Black Cat Day, aka the official holiday to celebrate black cats nationwide. (We don’t think it’s a coincidence that this celebration takes place leading up to Halloween.)
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Black Cats in Pop Culture

Who’s your favorite black cat? (Besides your own, of course.) You’ve got plenty to choose from. Black cats have become stars of stage, screen and beyond, with memorable roles in some of pop culture’s biggest moments. Need proof? Just check out these famous black cats:

Salem Saberhagen

In the TV sitcom “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” Salem the cat’s sassy one-liners provided some of the biggest laughs. In fact, Salem was witch in a cat’s body, transformed into a feline as punishment for trying to take over the world

Walt Disney Pictures


When a trio of kids accidentally revive the three evil Sanderson Sisters in the 1993 Disney movie “Hocus Pocus,” magical cat Thackery Binx steps in to save the day with his bravery and loyalty. Hijinx and, yes, hocus pocus ensue.

Dan Vecchitto

Emilio the “Business Cat”

When Dan and Jackie Vecchitto rescued their cat Emilio, they had no idea he was destined for Internet stardom. But when Dan posted a picture of Emilio wearing a cute cat tie to Facebook, someone snagged the pic and created the popular Business Cat meme. No LOLs for this cat—you’d better have those reports on his desk right meow.

Of course, every black cat has star quality. Just check out these #blackcatsofinstagram (a hashtag with over 5 million posts, by the way) for more fierce feline photos.

Black Cat Goodies Galore

These cute products let you show off your love for your black kitty.
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Why People (Wrongly) Associate Black Cats With Bad Luck

Are black cats bad luck? That myth is so six centuries ago—literally.
A statue of the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet.

Black cats’ bad rap dates back to the Middle Ages, when superstitious Europeans began associating them with witches, witchcraft and demons. Back in those times, a black cat crossing your path was thought to be an omen of death or misfortune.

But not all the old superstitions around black cats spelled doom and gloom. Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats, and the Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet, was often depicted as a black cat or as a woman with the head of a black cat. In Japan, cats (black ones included) have been held in high regard since the early 1600s. Today, a black Maneki Neko (welcoming cat) figurine is said to help ward off evil spirits. And English and Irish sailors from the 17th to 20th centuries thought that black cats on board their ship could bring good luck and fair weather to their voyage. To this day, a black cat showing up on your front porch in Scotland is considered a good omen.

Still, many people still associate black cats with bad luck—which might prevent them from adopting a black cat of their own.

How to Help Homeless Black Cats

Devoted fans of black cats (like you!) know better than to believe the spooky hype about black cats. That means it’s up to us to help these misunderstood kitties live their best lives, especially those who haven’t found forever homes yet. Here’s what you can do:


You can make a difference in your own community by donating to a local shelter or rescue—or, find an organization that specifically helps black cats! Either way, use their Chewy Wish List to send them exactly what they need.


Not ready for a long-term commitment? Fostering a black cat or black kitten will give them the love and care they need until they find their future family. Find out more about fostering.


Animal shelters and rescues need volunteers to help with everything from pet photography to cleaning to cuddling. (No, really—cuddling!) Learn more about how to help your local shelter or rescue.


Are you ready to add a black cat to your family? It’s not a decision to take lightly, but if you’re in a good place to give a cat or kitten their forever home, consider adopting. Chewy’s Adoptable Pets service lets you search for adoptable cats in your area, and you can even filter by color (aka black).

Saving Black Cats


When Hannah Green founded Binx’s Home for Black Cats in November of 2020, her mission was to help black cats find their forever homes. The rescue, located in Asheville, North Carolina, works with local shelters to place black cats in foster homes to ensure they are well cared for until they can find the right adopter.

In less than a year, the organization has helped find homes for 60 cats.

“I have had black cats since I was a kid,” Green says. “Seeing the stigma attached to them, I realized there was a real need for an organization that would put black cats at the forefront.”

Green, who is also working toward becoming a veterinarian, uses the hashtag #blackcatsaregoodluck on social media to help fight black cat stereotyping. She also makes sure that the black felines at her rescue get great glamour shots to showcase them to potential adopters.

The nonprofit is named in honor of Green’s first rescue cat, Binx (who got his name from Thackery Binx of “Hocus Pocus” fame). Helping cats is Green’s primary mission, but she’s also working to educate people about how loyal, loving and all-around awesome black cats really are. Her advice to her fellow black cat fans? Share the love. “I decided to see if I could make a difference,” she says—and for dozens of cats, that’s exactly what she’s done.

You can support Binx’s Home by shopping their Wish List here.

Black cats bring more than a little magic into our lives every day of the year. So go ahead—shout your praise for these unique kitties to the rooftops! Whether it’s National Black Cat Day or any other time of year, there’s never a bad moment to show black cats some love.

Do you have a great story about your own black cat? Tell us all about them in the comments below!




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  1. My husband serves in the United States Air Force. In the fall of 2019, while living in a tiny 300-year-old village in northeastern Italy, a young black male cat befriended my 9-year-old son who was having a hard time making all of the adjustments required of military kids. A family down the street fed him along with many other cats, but the cats lived outside and literally ON the street. My son visited the cats daily after school. Every day, Lucky (we gave him a name because we did not know his Italian name or his owners) followed my son home and played in our courtyard. When Italy went into strict lockdown in 2020 and my sons were not allowed to leave our property, Lucky started coming to us on his own. Then he started sleeping on our 2nd-floor balcony. Basically he moved in, adopting us! He was the only friend we saw for 2 months! He became our virtual school mascot and I wrote about his antics in FB posts. Friends and family all over the world fell in love with Lucky.
    Horrifically three days after lockdown ended in May, Lucky was hit by a car on our street. We thought it was a fatal accident. We carried him to his Italian family and passed him through the window. For four days we thought our best furry friend was dead, but then we met our neighbors on the street and they started saying, “Viva, viva!” Lucky was alive! It felt like nothing short of a miracle! He sustained a head injury and eye damage as well as a broken jaw. He spent 7 weeks at the vet. Our friends, his fans from my FB posts helped to fund his expenses. Eventually Lucky came home and we had daily visits with him while he gained strength, but as soon as he was able to be out on his own again (or when he escaped from his Italian family), he came right to us. It took a long time, but we were finally able to officially adopt Lucky as our forever pet in September 2020. He got vaccines and a microchip and a pet passport. He now lives with us in America. Lucky’s story of how he loved my son and brought us joy during a very lonely time on top of his accident and his amazing recovery (the first time he jumped to our balcony again, I knew he was 100% better) has given so many people hope. Lucky is our superhero cat. He is also the cat character I write in my children’s books. I released my first book, Mario and The Stones in spring 2021. It is an Italian fable set in our little village about a grouchy superstitious man, Mario; a wise crafty woman Luna and her enchanting black cat, Fortuna. I will publish book number two, Fortuna, in 2022! I hope you will check it out on Amazon on or my website, Please let me know if I can do anything to help spread the love of black cats! A black cat lover, Katy

  2. My little Black Kitty rings a tiny bell oustide my door ( as a doorbell ) to be let into my room at night! It’s the CUTEST thing! ????