Top 10 Reasons to Love Black Cats

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Top 10 Reasons to Love Black Cats

Black cats have a hard time getting adopted out of shelters for a variety of silly reasons. Some people think they’re scary and others think they won’t show up well in selfies. Nobody should be judged by the color of their fur. Superstition and ignorance have given black beauties a bad rap, but under that ebony fur beats true blue hearts.

“The stigma on black cats is ridiculous,” says Jenna Rita, an aspiring veterinarian technician. “I have proof that the bad luck myth is all a lie. My two black fur babies have brought me nothing but good fortune and pure joy.”

Gerry Shaps, founder of the nonprofit Army of Dreams agrees. “Hershey was my black Bombay cat for 15 years,” he says. “When he stood up, his chest puffed out like a king. He was the most adventurous and bon vivant cat ever.”

Here are 10 reasons why you should love black cats too

  1. They’re always fashionable. Their black coats will never go out of style, and a black cat will never clash with any color you’re wearing.
  2. You can give them exotic names like Shadow, Midnight, Sable, Jet, Onyx, Raven or Panther.
  3. Egyptians in ancient times worshipped them. Killing a cat back then, even if by accident, was punishable by death. Seems appropriate.
  4. They’ll impress your houseguests. Dirt is camouflaged so they always look clean and they’ll never look out of sync with any home décor.
  5. You won’t need to spend a penny on a Halloween costume. They’re already dressed perfectly for the occasion—hey, they might as well cash in on their scary reputation. Boo!
  6. They help you celebrate your inner Goth.
  7. Black is slimming, so they will always make you look your best in selfies.
  8. “Star Trek” and “The Simpsons” feature black cats, so fame is probably right around the corner for you and your black bestie.
  9. Black cats are terrific at playing a competitive game of hide and seek.
  10. Black cats always look regal, sophisticated, shiny and sleek. They can’t help it.

Want to up your karma bank account? Save a life and get some love. Adopt a black cat!

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