Every Human Will Be Jealous Of This Samsung Dream Dog House At Crufts

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Every Human Will Be Jealous Of This Samsung Dream Dog House At Crufts

Look around your apartment or condo or house and take a moment to admire the ideal home you have made for yourself. Now check out this über modern and crazy awesome dog house and let the jealousy pour in. For the 2015 Crufts dog show in Birmingham, England, Samsung designed a very special attraction that is sure to have attendees, and everyone everywhere, foaming at the mouth. The Samsung team created a dream dog house “of the future” complete with automatic feeders, a treadmill covered in turf and a hydrotherapy pool. The house, which reportedly cost about $30,000, has a curved shape, cushioned floors and vinyl wallpaper with dog-friendly designs and images. There’s even a TV room, packed with pillows and a mounted Samsung tablet for endless YouTube video viewing. Here’s peek into the house that will soon appear on dog Christmas lists everywhere.

Keepin' it tight. Via YouTube

Keepin’ it tight. Via YouTube

Our pets are our babies, so they do deserve the best. Although I would prefer to have a hydro-pool installed for myself before my pup gets one.

Just a little 'me' time. Via YouTube

Just a little “me” time. Via YouTube

"My favorite show is on!" Via YouTube

“My favorite show is on!” Via YouTube

The dog house is located at the Samsung stand at the Crufts show, which is going on March 5 to 8. If you happen to be across the pond this weekend, it’s certainly worth a look.

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