DIY Halloween Costumes Your Cat Will Love… or at Least Look Cute In

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DIY Halloween Costumes Your Cat Will Love… or at Least Look Cute In

Mama was a black and white cat that let us put anything on her. I’m assuming she was just super tolerant of children. Kitty was a gray mix who had a fit when we tried to put a collar on her. She hissed at it every time she saw it (even though we had given up and just set it down on the counter). If your cat falls in the spectrum of “I love wearing outfits my humans think are adorable on me,” then this list is for you. If your cat falls on the other side of the spectrum—the “You come near me with that costume and I will end you” side—then you may still like this list, but your cat most definitely will not.

1. Minion Cat

While this Minion Cat tutorial by 2 Cats & 1 Doll might be a little more labor intensive, what you’re left with is a cat with wearing a Minion hat, so it’s worth the effort, am I right? What a beautiful tribute to those tiny, yellow, babbling monsters.

2. Catbus

Of all the Halloween costumes you could choose for your cat, you probably never expected a bus to be such a brilliant choice. But this costume by blogger Sweet Ipomoea is just too creative to pass up. It’s based on the Catbus character from the beloved Japanese animated movie, “My Friend Totoro.” Though this lacks actual steps to recreate, there are so many images that it’s basically a photo tutorial. And based off of the photos, you’ll need the following to create the amazing Catbus. You’ll need:

3. Bat

DIY cat costume - bat cat

This costume works best on a black cat, but if your orange kitty wants to go as a bat for Halloween, then by all means, let him! For this one you’ll need clear tape, scissors, 1/2 yard black felt, craft knife, fabric tape measure, straight ruler, black pipe cleaners, spray adhesive and hook-and-loop tape. You can get right wing and left wing templates from HGTV, along with detailed instructions on how the costume is made at HGTV.

4. Chef

DIY cat costume - cat chef

How perfect is this costume?! Cats love to eat; why not make them a chef? It only requires two pieces to put on your cat – a hat and a neckerchief. We’d love to see a kitty in a little white chef’s jacket, but we’re not sure many of our feline friends would go for the full ensemble. This costume requires clear tape, white tissue paper, white card stock, red cotton fabric square at least 18″ long and 6″ wide, iron, matching thread, scissors, ruler, white elastic cording and hook-and-loop tape. This project takes some time, but the result is so cute we think it’s totally worth it. Going to make this one? Get the directions here.

By: Chewy Editorial


By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: