Chewy Office Dog Profiles

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Chewy Office Dog Profiles

Some offices let you bring your pet in only on that special Take Your Dog to Work Day that comes just once a year. If you haven’t heard, it’s a day to celebrate the idea of having dogs at work that was created by Pet Sitters International. But some companies extend the office dog invitation to every Friday. And still others let their employees spend every day at the workplace with their four-legged office dog friends. Of course, if you’re a stay-at-home parent or freelancer or do other work from home, you don’t even need a special office dog day to be able to spend 24 hours with your pets (which might actually be a little too much quality time for some!).

We consider ourselves pretty lucky to be able to work side-by-side with our canine companions on any given day of the week. You never know when you’ll have an impromptu meeting with a familiar, friendly office dog who shows up your desk, or when you might see one of your favorite tailwaggers in the hallway. You can even set up a doggie playdate with the office dog of a co-worker who sits a few desks down the way.

Having dogs at work is fun and entertaining for your pup and everyone else, but it’s also full of mental and physical health benefits. According to Sally Morgan, a holistic physical therapist for pets and people, office dogs can help reduce stress in a big way. Stress can take a huge toll on the body, so reducing a person’s stress levels has a positive effect on their physical well-being, too. “It has been shown that petting dogs lowers a person’s blood pressure,” says Sally. “I have tested this with several veterans at a nursing home and saw up to 50-point drops in the top number in six men petting dogs for less than five minutes.”

As for the social aspect, an office dog can be great for “encouraging friendly interactions between employees and clients.” When your dog goes to greet your coworkers, it can become an opportunity for you to connect with your cubicle neighbors. This can lay the foundation for a good work relationship and makes it easier to collaborate on projects. Walking your dog also gives you a chance to take in some fresh air and come back to your desk feeling refreshed.

It’s time to meet some our favorite office dogs that put smiles on our face as soon as we walk in each day.


Zoe, 5-year-old Pug

Pet Parent: Nicole Janiga, Marketing Intern, 2 months at Chewy

Zoe’s new around here, but she’s certainly proved her worth as Nicole’s little helper on several high-profile projects.

Job Duties: Making sure everyone stays on task (the task being giving her enough pets).

Spends Most of Her Time: Sleeping in her bed that’s too small for her (she has bigger dog beds and mats; the small one’s just her favorite).

Favorite Office Toy: Ethical Pet Nosy Hedgehog

Food Preference(s): American Journey Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free, Stella & Chewy’s Chewy’s Chicken Meal Mixers

Treats of Choice: WHIMZEES Toothbrush Dental Dog Treats, Full Moon Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

Guilty Pleasure: She loves her plush dog toys and will do just about anything for Stella & Chewy’s.

Claim to Shame: Getting overly protective over her hedgehog toy.

What Makes Her Unique: Any time she sees an arm hanging over the side of the couch, she’ll nudge her head under for petting.

Starred In: Bellrock Growers for Dogs video, Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Dog Food video



Shelby, 8-year-old Rottweiler/Labrador Mix

Pet Parent: Jenny Lin, Business Intelligence Analyst, 2 years at Chewy

As the veteran office dog that’s been here the longest, Shelby’s well-known in the office. When people see her, they shout, “SHELBY!!” and run to pet her.

Job Duties: Canine white noise machine (aka snoring continuously)

Spends Most of Her Time: Looking sleepy and trying to stay awake.

Favorite Office Toy: Her dog bed.

Food Preference(s): Natural Balance Fat Dogs Chicken & Salmon Formula Low Calorie Dry Dog Food

Treats of Choice: Pet Center Chicken Nibbles

Guilty Pleasure: Rolling in the grass and finding cat poop in the yard.

Claim to Shame: Peed in her pet parent’s manager’s office. Oops.

What Makes Her Unique: She’s always hungry, but if she’s tired and you put the treat just out of reach, you can clearly see the inner dilemma she faces as she weighs the benefits of getting food versus the cost of having to move. Sometimes she just continues to sleep!

Starred In: Buddy Biscuits video, Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountains video, Bayer Malaseb for Dogs & Cats video, Dr. Tim’s Dog Food & Treats video, Isle of Dogs video, Bayer Relier for Dogs, Cats & Horses video



Allie, 10-year-old Boxer Mix

Pet Parent: Justin Dopp, Director of Finance and Asst. Treasurer, 1 ½ years at Chewy

Allie’s a true-blue office dog, and she’s been by Justin’s side since day one.

Job Duties: Food hound and door watcher (when her pet parent leaves the desk).

Spends Most of Her Time: Sleeping and begging for dog food.

Favorite Office Toy: KONG AirDog Football Dog Toy

Food Preference(s): American Journey Grain-Free, Tylee’s

Treats of Choice: Pet ‘n Shape Beef Lung Treats

Guilty Pleasure: Frozen broccoli

Claim to Shame: She is notorious for triggering her pet parent’s manager’s allergies.

What Makes Her Unique: Allie is so popular that you’ll often see her with a lipstick kiss mark on her cheek, which really shows up on her white coat.

Starred In: Dave’s Dog Food video


OfficePets_Goofy_ 12

Goofy, 12-year-old Pug

Pet Parent: Jay Borja, Data Warehouse Architect, 1 ½ years at Chewy

Goofy’s name says it all. You can’t help but smile or laugh when Goofy’s around.

Job Duties: Vacuum cleaner (with a specialty in finding food tidbits)

Spends Most of His Time: Looking for food, anywhere and everywhere.

Favorite Office Toy: KONG Cozie Ali the Alligator

Food Preference(s): Iams ProActive Health Adult Optimal Weight Dry Dog Food

Guilty Pleasure: Carrots

Claim to Shame: During meetings, he snores so loud he wakes himself up. The meeting continues through the snoring.

What Makes Him Unique: He’s perfected the art of snoring. You could call it his personal pet project.

Starred In: Natural Balance Fat Dogs video, Buddy Biscuits video



Izzie, 6-year-old Labradoodle

Pet Parent: Michelle Young, Marketing Project Manager, 2 years at Chewy

Izzie is a lover that can’t stand to be separated from her mom. She constantly looks back to make sure Michelle is right behind her as they walk down the hall.

Job Duties: Giving hugs (but only to humans).

Spends Most of Her Time: Attaching herself to mom’s hip.

Favorite Office Toy: Dog ball toys!!

Food Preference(s): American Journey Grain-Free

Treats of Choice: Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-Free Biscuits

Guilty Pleasure: Cheese (but don’t tell dad)

Claim to Shame: She pinned fellow office dog Riley down and barked at him because her mom was petting him (jealousy brings shame).

What Makes Her Unique: Izzie is a big hugger and she likes to stare deeply into your eyes… she’s a romantic.

Starred In: 6 Ways to Keep Dog and Cat Teeth Healthy blog post, Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Dog Food video, Blue Dog Bakery Dog Treats video



Ashton, 7-month-old Lab/Bulldog Mix

Pet Parent: Karen Cordona, Marketing Project Manager, 7 months at Chewy

Ashton’s still a puppy, so he’s full of energy and always looking for a doggie playmate.

Job Duties: Greeting any and all dogs in the area.

Spends Most of His Time: Socializing with other office dogs.

Favorite Office Toy: USA Bones & Chews Antlers

Food Preference(s): American Journey Grain Free and Tylee’s as a topper

Treats of Choice: Jerky dog treats

Guilty Pleasure: USA Bones & Chews Jumbo Bully Sticks

Claim to Shame: He escaped and ran around the office, and several coworkers were chasing after him, trying to catch him.

What Makes Him Unique: He likes to army crawl like he’s on some sort of secret mission.

Starred In: K9 Natural Dog Food, Toppers & Treats video, ClearQuest Puppy Pads, Dog Diapers, Wraps & Grooming Wipes video, Diamond Dog Food video, WHIMZEES Dental Dog Treats video



Henna, 7-year-old French Bulldog

Pet Parent: Dami Amabile, Product Manager for Mobile Apps, 8 months at Chewy

Henna knows how to use her powers of cuteness. She often sits at the edge of her pen, staring at the closest person until they turn around to pet her.

Job Duties: Bouncer

Spends Most of Her Time: Sniffing around and eating the dog treats a coworker gives her.

Favorite Office Toy: Anything that squeaks, especially snake squeaky toys.

Treats of Choice: Wellness Soft WellBites Grain-Free Lamb & Salmon Recipe

Guilty Pleasure: Carrots

Claim to Shame: Henna has a long list of infractions—she threw up in the kitchen and under two desks, pooped in the studio, and there was that one scuffle with an office dog named Wolf.

What Makes Her Unique: She has an underbite and snores. She also sleeps with her tongue out.

Starred In: Victor Dog Food video



Daisy & Dodger, 7-year-old Chiweenies

Pet Parent: Caitlin Ultimo, Content Manager, 6 months at Chewy

This dynamic duo has only been coming to the office for 4 months, but they’ve settled right in to the Chewy family.

Job Duties: Daisy is a fool-proof desk perimeter alarm system, while Dodger is great as a doggie stress ball/foot warmer.

Spend Most of Their Time: You’ll find Daisy “talking” in a serious tone to anyone who will listen. Meanwhile, Dodger’s sitting on someone’s lap, eating bananas, or just snoozing the day away.

Favorite Office Toy: As long as Daisy’s by her mom’s side, she has no interest in toys. Dodger, on the other hand, must have his three prized Lamb Chop Plush Dog Toys.

Food Preference(s): Turkey & Salmon Dinner Grain-Free Dry Dog Food for Dodger; Weruva Dogs in the Kitchen Goldie Lox Pouches for Daisy

Treats of Choice: Prairie Dog Smokehouse Jerky Country Chicken Dog Treats

Guilty Pleasure: For Daisy: Did we mention chicken jerky?? And Dodger loves belly rubs and his Lamb Chops trio.

Claim to Shame: Once (to date), Dodger passed gas silently in a meeting while sitting on a coworker’s lap. And the ever-fearless Daisy barked at her mom’s boss 5 seconds after being introduced.

What Makes Them Unique: Daisy’s taken it upon herself to adopt her two Puggle cousins as her puppies, even though they weigh 20 pounds more than her and are 2 years old. She also loves to get all her doggie friends howling and has led a dog chorus of seven on numerous occasions. Dodger is a people lover and the meeker of the two. He waits quietly until someone offers him a banana or a belly rub—or both!

Starred In: Top Holiday Gifts for Dogs video



Riley, 4-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Pet Parent: Marti Lobos, Quality Assurance Analyst, 2 years at Chewy

Riley’s known as the “fancy dog” in the office, and he’s a natural star. He gets a lot of requests from the studio team to take the lead role in their upcoming Chewy videos.

Job Duties: Animal Actor for Chewy Studios

Spends Most of His Time: Taking laps around the Marketing office to see who’s available to pet him. And when he’s not doing that, he’s obviously getting his beauty rest.

Favorite Office Toy: Ethical Pet Gigglers Chicken Dog Toy, KONG Wubba, squirrel plush toy

Treats of Choice: USA Bones & Chews Curly Bully Sticks

Guilty Pleasure: Riley’s a cheese snob.

Claim to Shame: When anyone gets up from their desk, he steals their chair.

What Makes Him Unique: He’s always smiling, and when he walks down the halls, he prances and wiggles his butt.

Starred In: 4 Uses for Your Chewy Box: Pet Edition blog post, ProSelect Dog Containment and Feeding Solutions video, Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Dog Food video, Dr. Tim’s Dog Food & Treats video, Premium Edge Dog Food video



Maeby, 7-year-old English Springer Spaniel

Pet Parent: Neda Pacifico, VP of Ecommerce, 1 year at Chewy

Maeby is like the dog next door—she’s everyone’s favorite office dog neighbor.

Job Duties: Chief Garbage Inspector

Spends Most of Her Time: Sticking her snout into every garbage can in sight!

Food Preference(s): American Journey Grain-Free Salmon & Sweet Potato

Treats of Choice: Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

Guilty Pleasure: Apples

Claim to Shame: She peed on the floor while her mom was interviewing a candidate (he accepted).

What Makes Her Unique: She licks the air incessantly and can maintain eye contact for hours!

Starred In: Choosing the Right Treat for Your Dog blog post, Flea First Timer: What to Do With a Flea Infestation blog post,  American Journey Dog Food video, Bones and Chews Bully Sticks video, Nutro Wild Frontier Dog Food video, Dave’s Dog Food video, Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Dog Food video, FURminator Deshedding Brush video, Solid Gold Supplements video, Triumph Canned Dog Food video, Dr. Tim’s Dog Food & Treats video, Isle of Dogs video, Grandma Lucy’s Dog Treats video



Barney, 2-year old Goldendoodle

Pet Parent: Kayla Mineo, Customer Service Lead, 1 ½ years at Chewy

After coming to the office for a year now with his mom, Barney knows his way around, and this well-known socialite will entertain anyone who’s willing to pay attention.

Job Duties: Multi-Tasker/Entertainer. He makes sure that everyone knows when he’s around and always leaves everyone smiling. Barney will do tricks for anyone who has treats.

Spends Most of His Time: Walking through the aisles, getting hugs from everyone.

Favorite Office Toy: KONG Dynos T-Rex

Treats of Choice: Zuke’s Jerky Natural Bites

Guilty Pleasure: beef trachea treats, bully sticks, any kind of stuffed toy

Claim to Shame: Once he thought he was being sneaky by trying to steal food off someone’s desk. His mom caught him and yelled his name so loud that he bumped his head on the desk in shock in front of everyone.

What Makes Them Unique: Barney has a very unique way of sleeping on his back, and sometimes will cover his eyes with his paws to keep the light out.

Starred In: Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountains video, Barkworthies Dog Treats video, USA Bones & Chews Bully Sticks for Dogs video, Grandma Lucy’s Dog Treats video


OfficePets_Pipa_ 1

Pipa, 5-year old Papillon

Pet Parent: Patty Conrad, Quality Assurance Analyst, 2 years at Chewy

Pipa is full of charm and charisma. She spreads happiness everywhere she goes, and she has friends all over the office.

Job Duties: Official Treat Tester and Bringer of Happiness

Spends Most of Her Time: Making friends and exploring!

Favorite Office Toy: Multipet Loofa Launcher (co-workers love to launch slingshot it)

Food Preference(s): Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d Original Skin/Food Sensitivities

Treats of Choice: Hill’s Prescription Diet Hypo-Treats, but her all-time favorites are Dingo Mini Rawhide Chews

Guilty Pleasure: She loves tapping into her wild side. She lives for the outdoors, and she’s always finding mud piles to jump in and paths to explore.

Claim to Shame: One night, her mother noticed that she had brought a bone back from somewhere in the office. She looked around the corner and saw a huge pile of treats, toys and goodies piled on her bed that she had gathered from all the other office dogs.

What Makes Her Unique: She does a silly dance with her paws in the air as she begs. She’s also highly intelligent and her mother swears that she understands English.

Starred In: Cloud Star Dog Treats video, Flea First Timer: What to Do With a Flea Infestation blog post, Grizzly Pet Products Dog and Cat Supplements and Treats video, Ark Naturals Dental Treats and Water Additive for Dogs and Cats video, Response Products Cetyl M Joint Supplements for Dogs video, ProSelect Dog Containment and Feeding Solutions video, Merrick Dental Dog Treats video



Bugsy, 4-year old Boxer/Shepherd Mix

Tank, 5-year-old Chocolate Lab Mix

Pet Parent: Heidi Wilson, Director of Product Development, 10 months at Chewy

This terrific twosome sits right by the door, so they’re the unofficial welcome committee for any, and all, visitors.

Job Duties: Greeting everyone by the door in hopes of getting extra treats.

Spend Most of Their Time: Mingling with other office dogs. Bugsy is very timid, and loves to stick close to his mom. Tank is much more adventurous, and likes to wander around from desk to desk greeting everyone. Sometimes you’ll find them chasing a random ball or napping on the couch.

Favorite Office Toy: Anything that squeaks, especially Outward Hound Squeaker Matz

Food Preference(s): American Journey Grain Free Salmon kibble topped with Tylee’s Chicken Human-Grade Dog Food

Treats of Choice: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Duck Treats

Guilty Pleasure: Whatever their mom is eating

Claim to Shame: In a meeting room with four other people, Bugsy let out some silent gas that cleared everyone out. They were on a conference call, so no one could say anything because they didn’t want to embarrass themselves.

What Makes Them Unique: Tank is actually a special needs dog. He suffers from a neurological condition called myoclonus, and he has a constant facial twitch. It has taken some getting used to, but he’s a happy, healthy boy on medicine to control his condition. Bugsy is a complete momma’s boy and can’t be more than a few feet from her at all times.

Starred In: Sam’s Yams Treats for Dogs video, Nutro Dog Food video, Ark Naturals Joint Treats and Supplements for Dogs and Cats video, USA Bones & Chews Bully Sticks for Dogs video, Frisco Elevated Pet Beds video



Humphrey, 2-year old Saint Bernard

Pet Parent: Halley Press, PAW Team (Protection and Wellness), 1 ½ years at Chewy

Don’t be fooled by his size and stature—this guy’s a cuddler at heart who loves to snuggle.

Job Duties: He’s new to the office, so he’s known as “the dog in all the pictures,” on his mom’s desk and phone. We see a modeling career in his near future.

Spends Most of His Time: This is his first time in the office, so we’ll have to see if he’s a snoozer, a roamer or a pu


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