In My Pet’s Pantry: Bobby Flay Gives a Tour of Nacho the Cat’s Pantry

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Bobby Flay Nacho pet pantry tour
Photo: Bobby Flay. Design: Chewy Studios.

In My Pet’s Pantry: Bobby Flay Gives a Tour of Nacho the Cat’s Pantry

Ah, your pet's pantry: that dedicated space in your home where you keep all your pet's food, treats, supplements, medications and more. For some of us, the pet pantry is a well-organized closet or cabinet in our kitchen where all our pet’s items are meticulously placed and stored away. For others (raises hand), it's organized chaos, where bags upon bags of treats are haphazardly tossed atop a bag of dry food shoved in a random cabinet. Celebrity chef Bobby Flay, cat dad to Nacho and Stella, definitely keeps a well-organized pet pantry.

We got an exclusive tour as part of our new “In My Pet’s Pantry” series—where we get the scoop on celebrity pets’ favorite things and how their famous parents organize it all—and can we say #goals! It’s mainly dedicated to the kitty connoisseur in the family, Nacho, who even has his own cat food line, Made by Nacho. With shelves expertly stacked full of his eponymous food, Nacho just might have the most impressive pantry of any celebrity pet. But would you expect anything less from a cat whose dad’s own pantry is a chef’s dream?

Inside Nacho’s Pet Pantry

On one side of Bobby’s fully stocked walk-in pantry, you’ll find a well-organized assortment of his favorite items, including chickpeas, capers and anchovies (his secret go-to ingredient!).

On the other side of Bobby’s walk-in pantry is, well, more of the same—but with a feline twist. It is full of an aesthetically pleasing assortment of Made by Nacho cat food, toppers and treats. This, obviously, is Nacho’s side of the pantry.

“Not everybody has to share a pantry with their cat, but I'm happy to,” Bobby says, “because Nacho’s the best.”

And Nacho loves his side of the pantry so much, he’s often found sitting on the top shelf, keeping an ever-watchful eye on his impressive collection of food and treats.

“If you know anything about cats, they always like to be in high places,” Bobby says. “This is basically as high as he can get.”

What’s on the Shelves?

Bobby Flay Nacho pantry

Nacho’s Favorite Cat Food

Of course, Nacho is a big fan of the ingredients-first cat food line his dad created for him, Made by Nacho, which carries everything from dry and wet cat food and cat treats to bone broth. And Nacho’s side of the pantry is currently stocked with not one but two dry foods—both of which are inspired by classic dishes.

Made by Nacho's Sustainably Caught Whitefish, Chicken and Bone Broth Dry Food is a paella-inspired, high-protein kibble that boasts freeze-dried raw pork livers. The Cage-Free Chicken, Turkey and Bone Broth Recipe, on the other hand, is a grain-free Provençal stew-inspired cat food. And yes, Bobby helped develop these recipes… as if you couldn’t tell?

Nacho’s Favorite Cat Food Toppers

Bobby is a big fan of topping Nacho’s food with Made by Nacho bone broth. Why? It helps keep him hydrated.

“If you have a cat, you know that hydration is probably the No. 1 thing that you should think about every single day,” Bobby says. Not only is hydration important for normal metabolic health, energy and digestion, but hydration is also important to support kidney health, especially in older cats. In younger cats, water intake is important to avoid lower urinary tract issues.

By adding bone broth to your cat’s food, “you’re giving them the hydration, [and] it's very palatable,” Bobby says. “It brings them right to the bowl and then they get to eat the protein, which is really fantastic.”

Nacho’s Favorite Treats

“His treats selection is unbounded,” Bobby says, adding that Nacho’s favorite treats are Made by Nacho Freeze-Dried cat treats in three flavors: Duck Liver, Wild Alaskan Salmon and Ahi Tuna.

“Nacho will beg me for a treat, it feels like, every five minutes,” Bobby jokes. “He doesn't get it every five minutes, but he loves them.”

Same here, Nacho!

The orange Maine Coon also loves Made by Nacho catnip. “Cats want to have fun, too,” Bobby says.

Nacho’s Other Must-Haves

For non-food items, Bobby—much like the rest of us—keeps them stored throughout the home. Litter supplies, for example, are kept in the laundry room; cat carriers are tucked away in Bobby’s closet, along with other travel supplies and luggage; nail trimmers and grooming brushes are placed in a drawer in one of Bobby’s bathrooms; and toys are stored in a basket behind the couch in the living room, where they’re easily accessible for Nacho and his sister, Stella.

“There’s a scratching post back there, too, which is extra tall with a heavy base—sturdy enough to hold up against the weight of two very big cats,” Bobby says.

Here are three products Nacho purr-fers:

To learn more about Bobby, his two cats and why the chef and restauranteur created an entire cat food line for his cats, check out our exclusive interview with him here.


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