Pet Books: Spring Reading List For Pet Lovers

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Pet Books: Spring Reading List For Pet Lovers

Calling all pet-loving bookworms! We’ve got the next batch of must-read pet books to kick start your spring. Whether you’re into cat books that’ll make you roar with laughter, or dog books to inspire you with tales of courage and bravery, you will definitely find a book worth reading on this list.

“Throw the Damn Ball: Classic Poetry by Dogs”

dog books throw the dahm ball

Don’t be fooled by the professorial-looking Springer Spaniel on the cover. This collection of poetry has something for everyone, from serious, deep lyricisms that make dogs envious for thumbs to snap with to hilarious short anecdotes that’ll make you and your pup roll on the floor with laughter. “I am Dog, Hear my Growls,” “Hamburger Helpless” and “Do Not Go Gentle” are just a taste of the playful titles penned by R.D. Rosen. Make sure to have your beret and drum ready when you read this book; a poetry jam is sure to ensue! 

“I Could Chew on This and Other Poems by Dogs”

dog books i could chew on this

New York Times best-selling author Francesco Marciuliano brings us wonderful poetry tails—er, tales—that shed light on what goes on in the minds of our canine friends. Marciuliano’s witty takes on everyday activities from a dog’s perspective are sure to have you giggling while simultaneously shaking your head at the relatable experiences we all have as pet owners. It even comes with plenty of aww-worthy pictures to satisfy your daily dose of cuteness.

“Secret Service Dogs: The Heroes Who Protect the President of the United States”

dog books secret service dogs

Maria Goodavage brings us this New York Times best-seller that takes an exclusive look inside the lives of U.S. Secret Service dogs. You’ll learn about the training, tasks and missions of the brave canine teams who serve the United States and protect our President. Hang on tight! This book will take you all over the world, from the frontlines with bomb-sniffing missions to the lawn of the White House.

Don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten about our feline-loving friends. For our kitty fans of litter-ature, we’ve got a fabulous collection of cat books to get your claws on—figuratively speaking.

“I Could Pee on This Too and More Poems by More Cats”

cat books

From the same New York Times best-selling author who wrote “I Could Chew on This and Other Poems by Dogs,” comes “I Could Pee on This Too and More Poems by More Cats.”  In this book, Francesco Marciuliano gives us a peak inside the minds of our feline friends who live life according to their own rules. So what pearls of cat wisdom will this book impart? All the possibilities of where to pee in the house, the many strategies for waking up a human and other musings on the busy daily life of a cat: sleeping all day and meowing nonstop in the middle of the night. It’s one of our favorite animal books!

“I Knead my Mommy: And Other Poems by Kittens”

cat books

Also by Francesco Marciuliano, this book provides a sweet look into the world of kittens. “Ode to a Lizard I Didn’t Know Is Also a Pet in this House,” “I Knead my Mommy” and “Not Prepared” are just a few examples of the philosophical meowsings that explore the daily mischief of a kitten’s everyday life. As if the poems weren’t adorable enough, there are tons of kitten photos to gush over and cherish.

“Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned about Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat”

cat books

Written by Gwen Cooper, this inspiring cat book tells the epic tale of Homer, a blind kitten with an adventurous soul and a big heart. Homer’s amazingly true story gives “The Odyssey” a run for its money, with inspiring chronicles of how our courageous protagonist defies fear by escalating tall bookcases, chasing off a burglar and saving his owner’s life, and surviving alone just blocks away from the World Trade Center on 9/11. Homer doesn’t just exemplify courage and resilience, he also manages to teach his person a few things, especially when it comes to lessons in love.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our summer reading list in the coming months. We hear these books about animals will be the cat’s pajamas! In the meantime, relive your childhood with these great quotes from “The Velveteen Rabbit.”


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