8 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day With Your Pet

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8 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day With Your Pet

In case you didn’t know, it’s Mother’s Day! As fellow pet lovers, we’re sure you’ll agree that pet parents are pretty legit in their parental roles. Even though there are differences, dog lovers and cat lovers alike have some of the same rewarding (and not so pleasant) job duties to perform day in and day out. You take your four-legged kids to the doctor for checkups, worry over them when they’re sick, spend quality time with them, snuggle them on the couch, send them off to daycare, wonder if you’re feeding them the right food, clean up after their poorly timed messes, and protect them from all the dangers that they are oblivious to. Needless to say, it’s a pretty important relationship you have with your pawed-bearing family members. So for Mother’s Day, why not take the time to celebrate this close bond by planning a fun-filled day for you and your pet(s)?

Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day for the Dog Lover: 

Hit the beach. Whether you’re more of a sunbather or like to get your feet wet, the beach is always more fun with your favorite pooch. Spend Mother’s Day feeling the sun on your skin and relaxing—you’ve earned it! We’re here to help you pack your beach bag with everything you’ll need for your pup. The soft yet durable Starmark Easy Glide DuraFoam Disc Dog Toy is another great option, and it doubles as a water dish to keep your dog hydrated! Speaking of staying cool, take along the Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Pet Bed so your fur baby can feel the breeze from all directions. For breeds that are more susceptible to getting overheated (like the Pug), the Ultra Paws Cool Coat provides a full-body cool down with dehydrated ice packs and material that reflects the sun. Have fun in the sun!

Let’s do brunch. Mother’s Day brunches are all the rage with the maternal crowd, and who says dog lovers can’t partake in this weekend tradition? You might already have a mental map of all the best brunch places in the area that allow dogs at outdoor tables. But if not, do a search online for brunch spots that are dog-friendly. Most restaurants will welcome dogs in the outside seating areas, but call to ask just in case. Be sure to invite your fellow dog lover friends and doggie moms. Bring along a portable water bowl, like the Popware for Pets travel bowl that collapses to fit easily into any bag. Bone appétit!

Picnic in the park. Step out of your normal dog park routine and take your mini me to a state park (or national park) to celebrate Mother’s Day. Make it a whole day affair, complete with an invigorating hike that ends with a delicious picnic for you and your pup. If you’re not usually the outdoorsy type, you’ll still have fun spending time in nature with bonus one-on-one time with your best friend. Before you go, you’ll need some travel-friendly pet supplies. Make sure your pet’s up to date on his flea and tick treatments because you might run into these pests at the park. And of course, you’ll need food, treats and bowls for a picnic suited for a canine. The Gamma2 Travel-tainer Complete Pet Feeding System stores food in an airtight container and has two bowls for food and water. Set up your pet’s own spot on the blanket with JW Pet Stay in Place Mat that hold the bowls in place. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water along for both of you. Time to hit the trails!

Enjoy a spa day. Nothing’s better than getting a spa treatment on Mother’s Day, and you can share the experience with your pet. Turn the living room into your own personal nail and hair (fur) salon and grooming station with a few key pet supplies to pamper your pooch. Start with a nice, soothing bath to make your pup’s fur glow. Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint Dog Shampoo & Conditioner has a coconut base and a lavender scent with natural ingredients like aloe vera gel and tea tree oil to calm the skin. Dry her off with the super absorbent, quick-drying Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Shammy Towel. When she’s dry, use Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint Dog Spritzer & Conditioner as a leave-in conditioner to refresh and soften the coat with botanical extracts. For a doggie paw-dicure, the Dog Fashion Spa Crystal Glass Nail File gently files the nails without having to clip them, which is great for dogs that are scared of the nail clippers. It’s made from crystal glass that won’t wear down, and it’s easy to clean in the dishwasher. Happy spa day!

Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day for the Cat Lover

Combine exercise with playtime. Start Mother’s Day off right with a little exercise session that involves your frisky kitty. Gather all the cat supplies you’ll need—including laser toys, wand toys and of course, catnip. You can do pretty much any exercise you can think of—squats, running in place, stretching—while twirling around an enticing wand like Cat Dancer Cat Charmer Toy for your furball to chase. Even easier to maneuver is the Petlinks Fun Beam Laser, which cats will do anything to catch. When you move on to more intense exercises, sprinkle a little catnip on a cardboard scratcher. Yeowww! Organic Catnip scattered on top of the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy makes the ideal combo for a solo feline frenzy while you finish your workout. Go get your fitness on!

Handmade catnip toys. On Mother’s Day, moms are usually the ones who get the presents from their family. Well, unless your kitty is a highly evolved prodigy who has his own credit card, your gift from him will be the usual (and rewarding!) purrs and snuggles. But you can turn the tables and make a cool present for your furball instead this Mother’s Day. Gather some fabric scraps, or cut out some pieces of fabric from an old shirt or pair of pants. Leaving a half-inch border along the edges, sew the pieces together, all except for the last inch so you have a small an opening. Turn it inside out and add Velcro strips at the opening. Now stuff it full of your kitty’s favorite catnip, like KONG Naturals Premium Catnip or Cosmic Catnip. For an easier version, use old socks by cutting off the long ankle part, stuffing the middle with catnip, and tying off each end. Get out your crafting supplies!

Breakfast in bed. Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day? Set the breakfast tray for two this Mother’s Day—that would be you and your feline friend. The JW Pet Stay in Place Mat makes a sturdy tray for serving your cat’s meal, and the heart-patterned Loving Pets Bella Bowl shows him how just much you love him. With a fancy bedside breakfast, you have to serve something super tasty. Try a freeze-dried favorite like Stella & Chewy’s Duck Duck Goose Dinner or a savory wet food feast like Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Funk In The Trunk Chicken in Pumpkin Consommé. And don’t forget your own tasty breakfast to enjoy alongside your number one snuggler!

Multi-Pet Household Keepsake

Some pet lovers are lucky enough to celebrate Mother’s Day with both canine and feline mini-mes. Making photo frame crafts and plaster casts of your children’s handprints is a popular Mother’s Day pastime, and who says pet lovers can’t do the same? You can frame your furbabies’ cute faces with a photo frame or fridge magnet made from a repurposed Chewy box (see detailed instructions here). Or you can immortalize your pets’ paw prints with Pearhead Pawprints Wall Frame and Impression Kit to display on your wall or Pearhead Pawprints Desk Frame for your desk. They’re simple kits—just press their paws into the non-toxic clay and let it air-dry to form a lasting impression. There’s even a spot for your favorite photo on the left side of the solid wood frame. For a hanging ornament, try the Pearhead Pawprints Dog & Cat Hanging Keepsake. Ready, set, cast!

Looks like this Mother’s Day is going to be a fun-filled extravaganza of pet-loving activities, from start to finish. All you need are a few pet supplies to get started!

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