These 25 Cute Dog Breeds Are Guaranteed to Make You Smile

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cute dog golden retriever puppy

These 25 Cute Dog Breeds Are Guaranteed to Make You Smile

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Every dog is cute in their own way, of course. But some dog breeds are so adorable that you just can’t help but smile when you see them. So, what are the cutest pooches around? We’re rounding up the most OMG-worthy pups on the planet for your scrolling pleasure.
pembroke welsh corgi cute dog breed Didkovska

1 Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Their fluffy butts! Their sweet smiles! That sploot! It’s no wonder this dog breed tops our list.

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golden retriever cute dog breed

2 Golden Retriever

From their floppy ears to their fluffy tails, Goldens’ adorable appearance has helped make them some of the most popular pups in the U.S.

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pug cute dog breed

3 Pug

If you’re a sucker for pugs’ expressive wrinkles, large eyes and curly tails, well, we’re right there with you. How can you resist that smooshy face?

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cavalier king charles spaniel cute dog breed

4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These happy-go-lucky pups are known for their silky ears and warm brown eyes, making them an extra-adorable cuddle buddy.

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yorkshire terrier cute dog breed Khoruzhaia

5 Yorkshire Terrier

You can crop your Yorkie’s coat short, or let it grow into long, flowing locks. Either way, you'll have a dog dog who’s as drop-dead fabulous as they are adorable.

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siberian husky cute dog breed

6Siberian Husky

Looking for an extra floofy pup to cuddle? Look no further than the Husky, whose extra-thick coat was built to stand up to cold winters. And did we mention that some of them have striking blue eyes?

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french bulldog cute dog breed

7French Bulldog

Perky ear alert! Frenchies are devoted, smooshy-faced dogs who make especially cute puppies.

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dachshund cute dog breedИрина Мещерякова


These “low riders” of the dog world have short legs, floppy ears, and a long torso that’s earned them the nickname “hot dogs.” (You know, like the food.)

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pomeranian cute dog breed


With their high-set ears and fluffy red-orange “mane,” Poms look like tiny lions. They’re among the smallest of the small dog breeds, averaging around 6 to 7 inches tall!

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beagle cute dog breedław Iciak


If you have a thing for floppy ears, Beagles are your dream dogs. Long and low-hanging, you’ll love watching those ears bounce in the air when these energetic dogs run!

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labrador retriever cute dog breed Mamola

11Labrador Retriever

This breed is one of the country’s most popular, and with their expressive eyes, soft and folded ears and penchant for adventure, it’s easy to understand why!

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poodle cute dog breed


Poodles’ curly coats can be groomed and shaped into a number of adorable styles, including ponytails atop the head, a “mane” cut around the neck, and the classic “poodle cut” with tufts of hair around the ankles.

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australian shepherd puppies cute dogs Didkovska

13Australian Shepherd

Aussies can have striking blue eyes and a fluffy coat that’s perfect for cuddling. Plus, these herding dogs have puppy-like energy well into adulthood.

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bernese mountain dog puppies in snow

14Bernese Mountain Dog

As extra-large dog breeds go, Bernese Mountain Dogs are among the cutest. Just look at those soulful eyes and thick fluffy coat!

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shiba inu cute dog breed Way

15Shiba Inu

This Japanese dog breed looks like a cross between a fox and a teddy bear, and often has a hilariously quirky attitude to match.

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shih tzu cute dog breed

16Shih Tzu

A long, flowing coat, often sporting a ponytail on top, along with a cuddly personality? There’s no cuter four-legged best friend around.

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shetland sheepdog cute dog breed

17Shetland Sheepdog

Also known as Shelties, these pups pair a playful and affectionate personality with a long, feathery coat, intelligent eyes and sweetly folded-over ears—what’s not to love?

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border collie cute dog breed

18 Border Collie

Talk about brains and beauty: The Border Collie has a reputation as one of the smartest dog breeds, in addition to lovable features like perky ears and bright, expressive eyes.

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cairn terriers outside in fall Dulinskas

19Cairn Terrier

You know the Cairn Terrier as the charming breed of the dog who played Toto in “The Wizard of Oz.” With small, upright ears and a lovably raggedy coat, these pups are born stars.

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samoyed cute dog breed


Imagine a dog in cloud form. Now imagine that dog is happy to see you. You’re probably picturing the Samoyed, known as the “smiling sled dog” who's guaranteed to brighten your day.

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cocker spaniel cute dog breed Currie

21Cocker Spaniel

Beneath the flowing locks and warm, friendly eyes of a Cocker Spaniel is an adventurer’s spirit who’s always ready for playtime—no wonder they’re popular family pets.

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chow chow cute dog breed Almeida

22Chow Chow

Few dogs’ appearances are quite as distinctive as the Chow Chow, with their fluffy coats that form a regal (and, we might add, endearing) lion’s mane around the face.

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bichon frise cute dog breed

23Bichon Frise

Fluffy? Check. Small? Check. Loyal to a fault? Double check. These little white powder puffs are practically guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

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havanese cute dog breed


Another breed known for its silky locks, the Havanese is as friendly as they are adorable, making them great family dogs.

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maltese cute dog breed


If we’re measuring cuteness by the pound, the Maltese has the highest ratio in the game. These extra-small dogs’ charms won over rulers of empires as far back as ancient Greece and Rome. Who are we to disagree?

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Cute Dog Names

You need an extra-cute name for your extra-cute dog, of course! Try these ones on for size:

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  2. Daisy
  3. Ginger
  4. Kiki
  5. Maybelle

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Cute Boy Dog Names

  1. Ace
  2. Bandit
  3. Champ
  4. Lucky
  5. Pickles

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Whether you’re looking for a cute dog to adopt, or just needed some pics of cute puppies for a pick me up, these 25 dog breeds are sure to bring a smile to your face. Go ahead, scroll through again—when it comes to cute dogs, there’s no such thing as too many!


By: Ciara LaVelleUpdated:

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