13 Terrifyingly Cute Guinea Pig Costumes That Win Halloween

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13 Terrifyingly Cute Guinea Pig Costumes That Win Halloween

The only thing better than an adorable guinea pig? An adorable guinea pig in an adorable guinea pig costume.

Yes, we’re happy to report, guinea pig costumes are a thing. While you should always be careful when putting any pet in clothing—no choking hazards or tight-fitting outfits—when done safely, a sharp-dressed piggy is a sight to behold.

Just in time for Halloween, here are 13 guinea pigs decked out in frighteningly cute costumes. Beware: They may just melt your heart.

1. Yoda

Adorable Yoda Piggy is.

2. Easter Bunny

When you lie on your resume and hope for the best. Fake it till you make it, Easter Piggy.

3. Indiana Jones

This Indiana Jones look-alike is always up for an adventure.

4. “Hairy” Potter

Holy Hogwarts! We’re going to need a minute to process this Potter piggy.

5. Guinea Witches

We’re officially under the spell of these little witches.

6. Unicorn

Behold, the rare Unicorn Guinea Pig! Consider the costume contest won.

7. Great White Guinea Pig

This is one shark we’d be more than happy to share the beach with. Swim on over this way, little buddy.

8. Party Piggie

When you’re this cute, every day is a cause for celebration.

9. Derby Pigs

You don’t need to go out for a day at the races to dress your guinea pigs up fancy!

10. Sailor Moon

Ever wondered what Sailor Moon would look like as a guinea pig? Today’s your day.

11. Devil

Our little friend Twix is devilishly cute.

12. Elf

All we want for Christmas Halloween is a guinea pig in an elf costume. Is that too much to ask?

13. Bumblepig

Rarely spotted in the wild, the Bumblepig is on the Dangerously Cute Species list.

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