Best Halloween Costumes for You and Your Pet

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Best Halloween Costumes for You and Your Pet

Planning the perfect Halloween costume is a challenge. Should you be the sexy vampire seductress? Or should you go the opposite route and opt for that not-quite-as-sexy milk-carton costume? The choices are endless.

And when your four-legged family members are involved, and you want to look like a cohesive unit, picking the best Halloween costume becomes even more difficult.

But don’t worry—we’ve rounded up the best Halloween pet costumes for your furry sidekick so you can win that coveted best couple’s costume prize at every party you attend.

Holy Duo

Let your holier-than-thou pup reign supreme as the head of your family’s church in California Costumes’ Holy Hound dog costume, complete with a Papal headpiece. Then become a man (or woman) of the cloth by donning your very own set of robes to join your pup in blessing babies and hearing confessions of all your Halloween party guests.

Dinosaur and Caveman

Take your Halloween attire to a whole new—and prehistoric—level with a caveman look for you and the Rubie’s Costume Company dinosaur dog costume.

Dress up your caveman costume with bone jewelry, a wig and faux wood club, or keep it simple with a leopard tunic and matching belt. As for your mini T-Rex, just make sure to keep his costume on long enough to take a video of him chasing down a miniature Jeep full of Jurassic Park rangers.

Hot Dog Deluxe

Take your hot diggity dog out to the ball game with this adorable, easy to wear Casual Canine hot dog costume that doubles as a hoodie—perfect for that Dachshund in your life.

Dress up as your favorite condiment to complement your pup’s attire, or get the whole family involved by dressing up as a topping buffet complete with relish, onions, french fries and pickles. To really get into character, give your pup some Petchup, Muttstard and Mutt-N-Aise dog food topper as a treat.

Police Dog and Prisoner

Let your pup take a turn as the disciplinarian of the home with this Rubie’s Costume Company police dog costume.

Get into the Orange is the New Black theme by picking up a prisoner costume for yourself or creating one at home with old painters coveralls or some already-striped clothing. Don’t forget to make a sergeant’s badge for your pooch!

Part of the Band

Looking to dress up a pet that happens to hate costumes? Try rocking out with a mohawk pet wig or get an OmniPet studded leather collar for your pup.

You can be a part of the band, too, with a DIY rock star costume using some old jeans, a bandana and some studded accents.

The Avengers

Have your pup help you live out your superhero dreams and show off his superdog strength with the Rubie’s Costume Company Superman dog costume or with a simple yet classic Hulk costume.

Get your Captain America on with a store-bought costume or pull out all of the DIY stops and create your own custom superhero look. Your pup can be your mini-me with the Rubie’s Costume Company Captain America dog costume.

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