Guinea Pig Not Eating Or Drinking

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Guinea Pig Not Eating Or Drinking


My guinea pig won’t drink his water or eat his food and has definitely lost weight. He may be underweight. He looks dull in the eyes. I have tried giving him guinea pig food

with water on it, but he still won’t eat. I leave him for an hour or two to see if he is OK, and if it is just temporary. Each time I come to check up on him, his eyes look wet round the outside and have tons of sleep on them. Please help me, because my mum and I are rather worried. I have only had him under three months.


Guinea pigs, and many of the small exotic mammal pets we have, show vague signs of being sick when they develop a disease condition. Your guinea pig is showing classic signs of illness. No matter what is wrong with a guinea pig — be it a kidney infection, abnormal tooth growth, disease of the liver, or even an abscess — the only signs your guinea pig may show is not eating or drinking. This eventually causes your guinea pig to become even sicker, there is weight loss and sometimes the liver becomes affected, too.

Unfortunately, there are no home remedies that can help your guinea pig if offering his favorite foods and water do not help him start eating again. My suggestion is to get him to a veterinarian as soon as you can. One who is familiar with guinea pig medicine and can get a diagnosis for you. As soon as you have a diagnosis, you can get your guinea pig back on the road to health.

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