12 Days of Pet Adoption Stories: Comedian and Pup’s Inseparable Bond

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12 Days of Pet Adoption Stories: Comedian and Pup’s Inseparable Bond

Photo courtesy of Hallmark Channel and Best Friends Animal Society 

We all know about the 12 Days of Christmas—the famous holiday carol about a lucky recipient receiving a series of gifts from their loved one. Although gifts can be a nice gesture, most can agree that the true joy of Christmas is being able to spend time at home surrounded by friends and family. Pets are entitled to the same comforts during the holidays, but unfortunately for the thousands of abandoned pets across the country, this isn’t always the case.

There are those pets who are lucky enough to receive the gift of love during the holidays—including those who may have not been ever able to experience this luxury before. In light of the season of giving, we’re offering 12 heartwarming pet adoption stories. These once-abandoned pets finally found their forever homes and are able to spend this Christmas surrounded by the best gift of all—love.

By Michelle Sathe, Public Relations Specialist at Best Friends Animal Society, Los Angeles

Bond, a senior Pit Bull Terrier mix, has a pet rescue story that busts just about every shelter dog myth imaginable. Bond came into the dog shelter system in 2012, first at Los Angeles Animal Services, then to Best Friends in Los Angeles. He was 7 years old at the time and quickly became a staff/volunteer favorite for his dapper looks and sweet personality.

Bond spent a year at Best Friends in LA before being adopted by a family. About a year later, Bond was returned to the animal shelter due to the family’s landlord changing the pet policy to exclude Pit Bull Terriers. He was reported to get along great with everyone in the family, including children.

Bond readjusted to dog shelter life calmly, enjoying naps in his oversized dog bed and spending lots of quality time with the animal shelter staff and volunteers. During his time at the center, Bond was never scared or shy with people, though he wasn’t a fan of other dogs. He learned commands such as sit, come and stay through our CLASS (Canine Life and Social Skills) program, which goes to show that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks.

It took some time for Bond to be adopted again from the animal shelter, but he finally found his forever home with stand-up comedian Stasia Patwell in August of 2016. Here’s what Stasia had to say about Bond shortly after adopting him: “Bond is literally the love of my life. He makes my heart burst. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. He is so loving and so well behaved. His previous owners must have been great people. He loves living on the beach, and often goes out for a late-night beach jog! He follows me every step I take, and I love it! He especially loves sitting on my trampoline, and chewing huge bones, which my neighbor always brings him.

Bond snaps a photo with celebrity pet-lover, Emmy Rossum.

This August, we took a road trip from LA to Brooklyn, where we are living with my family for a few months. Bond seems to like it, because this means he is literally never alone. We even have another dog here, and they are getting along great! Just took them a week to get used to each other. We will drive back to LA in the winter, which I’m sure Bond will love—since driving in the car is one of his favorite activities! Thank you for bringing Bond into my life, and introducing me to the best friend I’ve ever had.”

You can follow Stasia and Bond’s adventures on Instagram.

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