10 Tips to Happy Cats this Fourth of July

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10 Tips to Happy Cats this Fourth of July

We might look forward to the Fourth of July with the marching bands and fireworks displays, but our cats are likely dreading it.

While cats and humans hear the same sounds when it comes to the lower end of the scale, cats are more sensitive to higher pitched sounds, hearing more than an octave and a half above what we do. Imagine what fireworks sound like to them—yikes!

1. Stay In.

Of course, you can go out—but your cat? Not so much. Even if he or she is an indoor/outdoor cat, fireworks can spook the most confident, well-acclimated cat. You do not want to spend the night of the 4th, the day of the 5th or more, looking of your missing cat in the hopes he or she turns up. Don’t risk it.

2. Take Pictures.

Just in case your cat somehow does get outside and runs away, you want to be sure you have a very recent photo.

3. Get Identified.

Get your cat both a collar and microchip. Holiday BBQs usually means a house full of guests who might not notice a curious cat trying to make a break for it. Without the collar, your pet cat looks like a feral cat. Without a microchip, your cat is completely without identification should your cat somehow lose his or her collar.

4. Skip Scraps.

People could think they’re being sweet when they try to feed your cat party scraps. Make sure all guests know that the cats have been fed, by you (even if they act like they haven’t eaten in days), and should not, under any circumstances, get more food or drink.

5. Lower Volume.

Pick the quietest room in your home and make a comfy place for your cat to hang out. Include favorite toys and comforts, perhaps a cherished treat.

6. Soothe Scents.

Consider using relaxing flower essences such as Rescue Remedy and Spirit Essences to keep your cat calm. If your cat is normally anxious, consider Comfort Zone plug-ins and sprays to keep them relaxed.

7. Play Nice.

You might play some soft, soothing music to block out the sound of fireworks to distract your cats such as classical or music composed specifically to keep cats calm (yes, this does exist!).

8. Broadcast Nature.

Try turning the TV on to a nature channel. The sights and sounds could distract your cat enough to help her relax. Again, some brilliant folks created TV content specifically for cats, and you can pick up DVDs to play.

9. Wrap Up.

Many cats are calmed by compression wear, such as Thundershirt, which in effect swaddle cats to give them a feeling of security.

10. Hide Flair.

Fun flag-themed decorations are everywhere and we’re excited. Your cat might be, too, when she sees that red and blue foil starburst thingy attached to a hat. Taking a swing or bite at tinsel-like decorations doesn’t help her or you—ingestion could necessitate lifesaving emergency surgery—so tuck away any wayward novelties.

By following the steps above, you’re sure to have a fabulous celebration while knowing your cat is safe and comfortable as well. What more could you ask for? Happy Fourth of July!

By: Tamar Arslanian

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