The Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving with Pets: Recipes, Safety and More

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thanksgiving with pets
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The Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving with Pets: Recipes, Safety and More

Spooky szn is officially behind us, andaah, do you smell the cinnamon candles and fresh-baked gingerbread cookies? The warm-and-fuzzy holiday season is finally here! And up first is Thanksgiving: the most delicious, most emo holiday of them all. How? On this four-day weekend, we're reuniting with family near and far, we're making meals and breaking bread together, and we're going around the table getting all sorts of emotional as we share who and what we're thankful for this year. And for all of us pet parents, our furry loved ones are at the top of that list.

To ensure a safe, delicious and memorable Thanksgiving with your pets, we've rounded up all the best recipes, activities, safety tips and more. Now, put on those stretchy leggings, your favorite loose-fitted sweaterand don't forget the wine! It's Thanksgiving time, for you and your pet.

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Dress Up:
Cozy Thanksgiving-Worthy 'Fits

Half the fun of the holidays is dressing your pet up for the part, and this year's fall fashion trends embrace style and comfort.

From oversized sweaters to selfie-worthy outfits, the whole fam should look good this Thanksgiving—because you never know when the camera will come out! (And if you're planning on putting up a DIY holiday backdrop this year, that photo shoot is guaranteed to happen.)

Here's some Thanksgiving outfit inspiration:

When you’ve found the perfect 'fit, make sure it, well, fits. Check the sizing guide for the clothing you've picked out for your pet because different brands have different sizing standards. Not sure how to measure your pet? We have a Chewtorial for that!

Play Around:
Indoor and Outdoor Activities for the Whole Gang

Before you go comatose (we can practically smell the turkey baking from here), why not burn off some calories and make some memories at the same time?
From making DIY wreaths with the foliage and other fun stuff you've foraged while out on your brisk walk to setting up a scavenger hunt in your backyard with treats and toys for your pup and all their canine pals, here are some indoor and outdoor activities for the entire fam.

Eat Up!
Woof- and Meow-Worthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Don't leave your pet out of the food fun. While the turkey's cooking, make one of these tasty treats made with safe, dog- and cat-friendly ingredients.
Not only will your pup or cat will be ever-so-grateful, but having treats handy will also help prevent guests (and you) from "accidentally" dropping food scraps at the dinner table. Guests can, instead, give your pet a mom-made (and vet-approved) treatwith your approval, of course! You can read more about pet etiquette here.

Stay Safe:
Keep These Thanksgiving Safety Tips in Mind

Because the last thing anyone wants is a pet-mergency.
From common Thanksgiving foods considered toxic for dogs and cats (like foods cooked with nutmeg and dairy products, like egg nog, to name a few) to outdoor hazards you might encounter on your pre- (or post-!) Thanksgiving meal walk, study up on how you can protect your pet.

If your pet gets into the holiday feast when you're not looking and consumes something they're not supposed to, vets recommend calling one the following three numbers:

  • The number to your veterinarian
  • The number to an after-hours facility in case you need to go to the ER
  • The number to the Pet Poison Hotline at (855) 764-7661

Wind Wine Down:
It's Time for the Ultimate Cuddle Sesh

The couch is calling. And we have some ideas on how to relax.

Seconds and thirds have been had, the plates are precariously stacked in the sink like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and you're trippin' on tryptophan: It's time to sip on that final glass of red (paired with round two of whipped cream-drenched dessert, of course), light a candle, put on a pet-friendly movie and cuddle up on the couch.

Here's how to set the moodand treat your pup to their own dessert, too:

Give Back:
How to Help Animals in Need

From donating to pet food pantries and rescues to helping stray animals.
Thanks to you, more than 1 million pets were adopted this year! (You can read more about that staggering stat in our 2022 Animal Shelters & Rescues Report.) However, your local shelters and rescues still need your support. Here are some ways to lend a helping hand during the holidaysand beyond.
And there you have it, the ultimate pet-friendly way to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Oh, and one last tip! Don't forget to give your pup or cat a few extra hugs this holiday season to show just how much you love and appreciate them.


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