Scorpio Pets Love a Cozy Sanctuary—Here’s How to Create One

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Scorpio Pets Love a Cozy Sanctuary—Here’s How to Create One

Fall is about more than sweater weather and sipping on pumpkin spice lattes. Fall is also Scorpio season, which takes place between Oct. 23 and Nov. 21. And to help celebrate the Scorpio pets in our lives, we’re embracing one of their favorite activities: getting cozy with their favorite people (you!).

Here’s the thing about Scorpio dogs and cats: They may act aloof or standoffish at first, but don’t let their cool exterior fool you. Scorpio pets actually feel all the feels; and once you’re deemed worthy of their love and affection, you’ll quickly see that they love hibernating at home and cuddling. (You can learn a lot more about Scorpio pets here, including their fall horoscope.) But before you big-spoon your furry babe, why not build out the ultimate Scorpio-approved cuddle zone? Here’s how.

Carve Out a Cozy Corner for Them

While your Scorpio babe is a loyal soul and wants to be with you 24/7, they do need a place to escape. Give them a place to retreat and recharge with a special little nook, corner or perch in your home.
Here are our picks to create the coziest little corner: 

Make It a Sensory Sanctuary

Scorpio pets love softer textures, like minky fabric, fleece and faux fur. Even leather and suede aren’t off limits for these sensual fur babies so mix things up—texture-wise—with your blankets, pillows and bedding.
Here are our favorite super-soft beds and blankets:

Embrace Saturated Colors

Bold jewel tones speak to a Scorpio pet’s passionate nature. Topaz, Scorpio’s birthstone, or a rich sapphire (which boasts a beautiful blue hue) are great choices for home decor, pet toys and more.
Here are our favorite bold-colored bowls, toys and more: 
Happy birthday, Scorpios! It’s your time to shine, and we can think of no better way to celebrate you during your birthday month than with extra cuddles in a super-comfy space created just for you.


By: Nichole TalbotUpdated: