Rent A High-Tech Dog House While You Run Errands In NYC

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Rent A High-Tech Dog House While You Run Errands In NYC

When you are out walking your dog in the city, how often do you pass by a store that you’d like to go into but can’t because you’ve got your four-legged best friend with you? Well, if you are in New York City, and specifically in Brooklyn, there might be a high tech dog house that you can rent for a short period of time while you go into that store.

After a successful 8-month pilot program, Dog Parker, Inc., announced that it is installing an additional 100 sidewalk dog houses where your dog can safely wait while you run errands. Called the Dog Parker and looking like a traditional dog house in appearance, the enclosure is basically a smart home that you can rent. They are found outside select storefronts and enable you to safely and temporarily house your dog.

“The idea for Dog Parker was inspired by my dog Winston because we love exploring the city together,” Chelsea Brownridge, co-founder and CEO of Dog Parker said in a press release. “We were missing out on more adventures and more walks together simply because I would be going somewhere for a few minutes where dogs aren’t allowed. The Dog Parker product has resonated with a lot of dog owners looking to take care of their dogs and with stores looking to better serve their customers.”

The system is complete with temperature-controlled sensors, cooling and heating systems, and auto sanitizing technology in the event your dog has to go to the bathroom. The exterior of the Dog Parker is made of powder-coated aluminum while the interior is built with a non-porous plastic material that the company says is the same material found in veterinary clinics. The system is tied to the internet via the DogParker smart application, an app that not only enables you to make reservations, but gives you real-time web camera monitoring inside the dog house, so you know what your dog is doing at any time.

To use the system, you sign up for an annual $25 membership fee. Rentals of the Dog Parker cost 20 cents per minute. So if you are in Brooklyn, and you have your dog, you can find a Dog Parker outside select grocery stores, cafes, pharmacies and restaurants. For more information, visit the Dog Parker website.

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