The Best Dog Dad Gifts for Father’s Day to Celebrate Their Bond

By: Alyssa SparacinoUpdated:

best dog dad gifts
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You know the saying: A dog is a man’s best friend. And while we might suggest that a pet is simply any hu(man)’s best friend, there’s something about the bond between a dog dad and his fur-child that just melts hearts everywhere. From your typically stern dad who turns into a teddy bear around his Pomeranian to your boyfriend who loves doting over the new rescue puppy you adopted together, there are likely more than a few men in your life who deserved to be celebrated this Father’s Day with a special dog dad gift.

Say thank you for their support—autoshipping more poop bags because you always forget, taking the dog out in the morning so you can sleep—with these dog dad gifts for every kind of pet parent. You could even buy one from you and another as a gift from dog to dad for a fun surprise. No matter what gift you choose, expect a lot of smiling faces and tail wags this Father’s Day.

Dog dads truly are a noble breed of their own. Show them just how much they’re loved this Father’s Day with a dog dad gift that reminds them of their best fur friend.