The Best Dog Dad Gifts for Father’s Day to Celebrate Their Bond

By: Kristen ArendtUpdated:

best gifts for dog dads
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You know the saying: A dog is a man’s best friend. And while we might suggest that a pet is simply any hu(man)’s best friend, there’s something special about the bond between a dog dad and his fur-child. Celebrate that bond by surprising them with one of the best gifts for dog dads this Father’s Day. Whether he’s a sports fan, beer lover, world traveler or home handyman, we’ve got dog Father’s Day gift ideas to pamper him for all the hard work and love he lavishes on his pup.

Dog dads put lots of time and energy into making sure their pup is happy and healthy. Show them just how much they’re loved this Father’s Day with a dog dad gift that reminds them of their best fur friend. Looking for an additional way to pamper their pup? Whip up some dog-friendly cheeseburgers that they can dish up for their dog alongside their special Father’s Day dinner.

Alyssa Sparacino contributed to this article.