The Best Cat Trees to Help Your Feline Friend Climb to New Heights

By: Kristen ArendtUpdated:

best cat trees
Chewy Studios

When it comes to the best cat trees, you’ll want to treat your feline friend to a spot they can scratch, lounge, climb and nap at their leisure. The best cat tower will be fun and functional for your fur baby while also being durable and easy to assemble–and help spare your furniture from overly enthusiastic scratchers.

We’ve rounded up the best cat towers across a range of needs—if you have big kitties or smaller cats, or loads of space or cramped quarters. These fan favorites are some of Chewy’s top-selling and best-rated cat towers and there’s something for everyone.

A cat tree may seem like a larger investment, but your furry friend will get so much out of it. The best cat trees will provide hours of entertainment—and give them their new favorite spot for snoozing away the afternoon.