Books for Cat Lovers

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Books for Cat Lovers

Whether you need gifts for fellow cat lovers, or you want to better understand your pet cat, books about felines can be both entertaining and informative. From books about a cat who flies in a hot air balloon, and even rides a skateboard (yup, we’re talking about Lil Bub!), to an educational book by a feline behaviorist, we’ve got four fabulous cat books for your reading pleasure.

Lil Bub’s Lil Book

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She’s one unusual cat! Sometimes a kitten comes into the world with unique traits that aren’t always valued or appreciated. Extra toes and a lack of teeth might not appeal to every pet owner, but one special cat fits this exact description—and her genius owner has showcased her unusual appearance in an adorable book about her life. Lil Bub’s Lil Book: The Extraordinary Life of the Most Amazing Cat on the Planet tells the story of this one-of-a-kind cat in a series of 100 photos, including ones of her gazing into a crystal ball, cozying up to a fireplace and lounging under the stars with a backdrop of purple mountains for company. It’s a hearwarming read that will appeal to all cat lovers.

Cats on the Job: 50 Fabulous Felines Who Purr, Mouse, and Even Sing for Their Supper

Cats on the Job book

Cats are known for spending their days snoozing, but author Lisa Rogak is prepped to introduce you to 50 cats with jobs who spend their days working the 9-to-5 in her latest cat book, “Cats on the Job: 50 Fabulous Felines Who Purr, Mouse, and Even Sing for Their Supper.”

Featuring one of our favorite working gals, Tama the Japanese Stationmaster Cat, on its colorful cover, “Cats on the Job” hit bookstores Tuesday, and is opening the world’s eyes to cuddly coworkers who hold some highly unexpected positions.

There’s Bad, the cat who worked alongside fitness buff Stephanie Jackson as an aerobics instructor; Reverend Cassidy, a cat who became an ordained minister; Marty, a weather observer cat who worked the graveyard shift alongside his night owl human co-workers; Millie, a pretty girl who served as a Security Guard; and Cheeto, an orange feline who worked as, ironically, a dog trainer. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Each purry profile is accompanied by a snapshot starring the kitty in question hard at work – even Mayor Stubbs, the feline politician who holds office in Alaska – proving that whiskered workers are every bit as valuable to an organization as their human counterparts!

Catify to Satisfy

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Learn how to make a cat-tastic home. Did you just adopt an adorable kitty? If so, you’ll need some advice for setting up your abode so you can both live in harmony. To help with this, we recommend Catify to Satisfy: Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat-Friendly Home, by Jackson Galaxy, the star of the Animal Planet show My Cat From Hell and Kate Benjamin, a cat-focused design pro. By following their savvy tips, you can prevent some undesirable cat behavior from destroying your house. This delves into how to keep your cat from shredding your favorite couch and tips for making sure your pet cat remembers to use the litter box, not that spot under the dining room table. These DIY tips for cat supplies and design hacks are easy to follow and have been contributed by cat owners from around the world. Creating a cat-friendly home has never been easier.

My Very Good, Very Bad Cat

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This one’s got all the feels. Everyone knows and loves the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, so get excited for the feline version of this classic. The book is filled with touching, silly and downright ridiculous tales of cats and the lives they lead. Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Cat: 101 Heartwarming Stories about Our Happy, Heroic & Hilarious Pets is the latest installment by Amy Newmark, and it features real-life stories about cats that are ornery, goofy, endearing and heroic. Cat owners invite you into their lives and share how their furry friends hunt in the wild, watch over their young and even heal in surprising ways. If you like short stories with a feline focus, this collection is a good choice. But the best part might be the fact that a portion of the book’s purchase price is donated to help further the excellent work of the American Humane Association.


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So that’s why she’s like that. Are you puzzled by cat psychology? Do you wish you had a better understanding of the more perplexing feline habits and rituals? Look no further than CatWise: America’s Favorite Cat Expert Answers Your Cat Behavior Questions, written by the renowned cat behavior consultant Pam Johnson Bennett. Whether you just rescued your sweet kitty or have been living with a fur baby for years, this guide answers 150 of the most common cat behavior questions. For example, why does your cat only seem to need you when you’re on the phone? Or, how do you get your kitty to warm up to an unfamiliar person or animal in the house? Bennett’s 30-year career in the field of cat behavior will serve new owners and longtime cat lovers alike.

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