World’s Bravest Cat Chills Next to a Rattlesnake

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World’s Bravest Cat Chills Next to a Rattlesnake

No one can ever again claim that cats have no chill, because as this jaw-dropping photo proves that CATS HAVE ALL THE CHILL IN THE WORLD MAYBE TOO MUCH.

In a heart-stopping pic snapped by the Laguna Vista Police Department in Texas, a cat was spotted hanging out mere inches away from a deadly rattlesnake.

According to the department’s Facebook page, police had been called to a walking trail where the snake was spotted in order to humanely remove it.

The photo, which was used as a reminder for everyone to use caution in the spring months and keep an eye out for snakes, garnered a lot of traction thanks to the unfazed cat.

The cat was, thankfully, unharmed. Rattlesnake bites are toxic and deadly to cats and can cause symptoms such as tissue swelling, shock, low blood pressure, and rapid heart beat, among others.

Clearly, the brave cat above had no idea about the potential harm or, frankly, did not care.

Image via Laguna Vista Police Department Facebook 

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By: Chewy EditorialPublished: