This Piglet Loves Her Dog BFF so Much She Thinks She’s a Puppy

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This Piglet Loves Her Dog BFF so Much She Thinks She’s a Puppy

Peanut butter and jelly. Romeo and Juliet. Some things are meant to be together. Just like Luna and Cloud.

A family in Atlanta, Georgia is raising their 4-year-old Golden Retriever named Cloud alongside their newest addition, a 6-month-old piglet named Luna.

In their short time together, Luna and Cloud have already become the best of friends. The buddies have the same feeding times, love to play outside in their fenced-in backyard and snuggle up by the fireplace indoors as the weather gets chillier.

“They are dependent on each other,” says Stacey Becker, Luna and Cloud’s owner. “They were meant to be.”

Becker, who works from home and is able to keep an eye on the pair throughout the day, says that Luna and Cloud are nothing short of inseparable.

In fact, Luna looks up to Cloud so much, she’s almost taken on the persona of a canine herself. Luna follows Cloud everywhere, and Cloud’s been teaching Luna everything about being a dog, from how to walk on a leash to going potty outside and playing nice.

“She does what Cloud does,” Becker says. “We should have named her Puppy.” It would have worked, considering that when Becker calls, “come here, puppy,” Luna will come running her way.

Their oh-so-sweet antics, including their hilariously tame backyard wrestling matches, have been a hit on their Instagram page, which has over 13,000 followers and counting.

Luna hasn’t just changed Cloud’s life for the better, she’s given her owners a whole new perspective, too.

“Luna teaches you to slow down,” Becker says. “She loves to cuddle, so in the morning, when I have my coffee and begin to start my day, she will jump up on my lap and makes me stop and enjoy the moment. Luna gets you to appreciate the little things.”

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