This Newborn Puppy’s Photoshoot Is the Cutest Thing You’ll Ever See

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This Newborn Puppy’s Photoshoot Is the Cutest Thing You’ll Ever See

A newborn is a joyous addition to any family whether they are human or canine, and photographer Lyndsey Wright knows just how to welcome both of these adorable creatures into the world through her lens.

While Wright typically photographs babies, she always welcomes four-legged friends into her sessions. Recently, the photographer had the incredible idea to do a “newborn” shoot for her friend’s eight-week-old Olde English Bulldogge, Lolo.

After the friend had to sadly put down her beloved dog Tiger (who Wright lovingly photographed before her passing), she welcomed a new pup into her life.

“She sent me a picture right after they picked her up and I told her to get her ass to my house so we could do newborn pictures!” Wright says.

Lolo photo 2

An animal lover herself (“My dogs are members of my family,” she says), Wright was thrilled to give Lolo the newborn photo treatment. As it turned out, the experience wasn’t all that different between photographing an infant and a puppy.

Wright even found herself treating Lolo just like she would a human baby: rocking her back and forth, “shushing” her and patting her. It was a moment that put a smile on her face, as well as Lolo’s mom.

“The only difference I can think of between shooting a puppy and a newborn baby is the temperature of the room,” Wright says. “Puppies are eight-plus weeks when I do their photos, so they’re able to regulate their body temperature better than a seven-to-ten day old baby. For human newborn sessions, I have the room set to about 80 degrees for baby’s comfort and to keep him or her warm, cozy and sleepy.”

Lolo photo 3

It’s in moments like these—whether taking pictures of a puppy or a baby—that Wright considers herself lucky to capture these times.

“Babies and puppies grow up so incredibly fast. It’s so great that I’m able to freeze these moments in time for families,” she says. “It’s easy to forget how tiny they once were, so being able to capture every little detail is really a special thing. The fact that this is my job is truly a blessing!”

Images via Lyndsey Wright

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