Watch: This Cat Impressively Completes a Trust Fall with Owner

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Watch: This Cat Impressively Completes a Trust Fall with Owner

Didga the cat is no stranger to wowing us on the Internet. After all, this amazing Aussie feline has skateboarded, climbed and pounced her way into our hearts already.

Didga—adopted shelter cat turned Internet star (she has 208,000 Instagram followers and counting)—most recently and most impressively completely a trust fall with her owner Robert Dollwet.

In the clip Didga does something most humans would be too scared to do: a trust fall.

Complete with its own hilarious theme song (“C’mon, trust fall!”), Didga stands on her hind legs with her back to Dollwet and then slowly but surely falls back into his waiting arms.

While Didga was a willing trust-fall participant, Dollwet makes a point of reminding fans this is the exception, not the rule, when it comes to feline behavior.

He writes on Insta, “This is 100% against a cat’s natural instinct and they will do whatever it takes, twisting, bending to put feet towards the direction they fall. Cats always land on their feet, remember? Didga has learned to totally dismiss those ingrained instincts, and trust me as she falls back into my hands.”

Your own kitty may not want to try and do a trust fall like Didga (can you really blame them?), but Dollwet does provide online tutorials for more approachable cat-tivities such as teaching your cat to shaking paws and how to sit.

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