Cat Gets His Own Yoga Mat So He Can Work Out With Mom

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Cat Gets His Own Yoga Mat So He Can Work Out With Mom

Cats aren’t known for being good workout partners. I mean, sure, they are agile creatures who can bend themselves into pretzel shapes — some cats can even do somersaults — but when their humans are working out, they mostly prefer to get in the way.

That’s why a woman named Autumn Pregizer decided to give her cat, Mango, his own yoga mat. Mango often chose to get on Pregizer’s yoga mat in the middle of her workouts and would lie down, roll around or knead it, according to The Dodo. This didn’t exactly make for a productive exercise environment.

“Am I doing the yoga right?” Via Autumn Pregizer/The Dodo

Mango also seemed particularly interested in the mat itself, so Pregizer gave him that mat, and got a new one for herself.

“My mat. Mine.” Via Autumn Pregizer/The Dodo

“Whether he is in the same room or on the opposite side of the house sleeping, he will get up and join me while I work out,” Pregizer told The Dodo. “When I do my exercises he gets on his mat and either lays down, rolls around or kneads. He also watches me do my exercises.”

Now Mango can join in on the deep breathing and planking without getting in Mom’s way. Everyone wins!

By: Chrissa Hardy


By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: