Summer Bucket List: 10 Activities to Do With Your Dog

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Summer Bucket List: 10 Activities to Do With Your Dog

Make Your Dog’s Summer Awesome

Smiling dog during summer

Summer is the time to kick back, relax and spend time with your family and friends while the weather is warm and the days are long. Be sure to include your four-legged family member in those plans as well. Here are 10 things to check off your dog’s summer bucket list.

Visit the beach

Dog playing with frisbee on the beach

While some of the most popular beaches restrict dogs to off-hours (and, in some cases, off season), you’ll find many great dog-friendly beaches that welcome your four-legged family member for a romp on the sand and a swim in the ocean. If you can’t make it to the beach, plan a trip to your local lake or river park.

Share some frozen treats

Dog eating ice cream in the park

Make your own frozen treats or visit your local ice cream stand (many offer special frozen Fido treats) for a taste of summer that will cool you both.

Enjoy an outdoor movie

Outdoor movie screening in the summer

Enjoy a flick with Fido at a drive-in theater or a special outdoor movie night held by your local park – or stream a movie on your laptop as the two of you hang out for an evening of movie watching under the stars.

Catch a baseball game

Dog at baseball game

Many major and minor league baseball teams plan a special “bark at the park” event, often to benefit a local rescue. Check with your local teams to see if they’ll be scheduling a dog-friendly game.

Build a sand castle

Dog sitting with sand castles on beach

Can’t make it to the beach? Turn a child’s sandbox into a dog sandcastle. Bury squeaker dog toys and treats and watch your dog play in the sand.

Go on a camping trip

Family camping trip with dog

Pack up a knapsack for you and your dog and enjoy an old-fashioned camping trip together. Can’t getaway? Plan a camping trip in your own backyard!

Watch the stars

Evening stargazing

On a warm summer evening, spread out a blanket beneath the stars and lie with your dog to check out the summer sky. Can you spot Sirius, the Dog Star? You won’t be surprised to learn that it is the brightest in the night sky.

Visit a farmers’ market together

Dogs at farmers' market

Many farmers’ markets welcome Rovers on leash. Stroll the aisles and buy some summer produce or look for a vendor with homemade dog treats.

Throw a dog party

Corgi with a party hat

Transform your backyard into a doggie vacation resort for a few hours. Invite your fellow dog lovers and their pooches over for some dog-themed cocktails for the humans (a Salty Dog, anyone?) and frozen dog treats for the four-legged partiers. Buy a couple of inexpensive kiddie pools and watch the fun.

Visit a swimming pool

Two dogs at a swimming pool

In the dog days of summer, many public pools end the swimming season in style with a special doggie day. Call your local pool to see if they’ll be welcoming four-legged swimmers at the end of pool season.

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