21 Reasons Tripods Make the BEST Pets

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21 Reasons Tripods Make the BEST Pets

Being short a limb doesn’t stop these adorable fur balls from having fun. Here are 21“tripawds” that prove why three-legged pets make exceptional companions:

Cat with string

Like most cats, they’re just as good at being more amused by a piece of rope than by all the fancy cat toys you keep buying them.

Credit: @annagoldfarb

Cat on kitchen floor

Even when they look guilty, their adorable little nubs will tell you otherwise.

Credit: @kujiecats

Dog relaxing in the grass

They love to get their fitness on but are just as eager to flop down in the grass and relax.

Credit: @alicercutler

Cat sitting on couch

They have epic modeling poses.

Credit: @ohjaybay

Dog with sweater

Their sweaters require fewer holes, which makes them that much more fashionable.

Credit: @threeleggedlily

Cat looking at camera

They have one less paw to manicure.

Credit: @kujiecats

Dog at birthday party

They party just as hard as their four-legged companions.

Credit: @khalv612

Cat at kitchen table

One less limb means they have 25 percent less chance of knocking that bowl off the table and creating a catastrophic mess.

Credit: @jrce92

Cat in cardboard box

They are just as obsessed with boxes.

Credit: @mittsuthetriamese

Dog playing in park

They have fewer muddy paws to wipe off after a day at the park.

Credit: @adriaann_h

Dog outside

They’re just as excited to be at said park.

Credit: @lifeonthreelegs

Cat laying on floor

But can be just as lazy as any four-legger.

Credit: @phatcataus

Dog licking popsicle

They’re as excited about the possibility of staking claim to your popsicle as any other dog—and they look much cooler eating it

Credit: @bruiserthetripawd

Dog posing for camera

They have just as much attitude.

Credit: @TeamMaggie

Cat with bandana

And an extra leg would simply distract from this fabulous Batman bandana.

Credit: @mrbatmancat

Cat laying with owner

They are just as good at invading your space. “Move over human!”

Credit: @thecathairconspiracy

Dog eating treat

And learning to beg for some dog treats.

Credit: @joliebg_xo

Dog riding in car

They make the cutest little copilots.

Credit: @jennyeatworld

Cat sitting on chair

And have five less nails with which to scratch your brand new couch up.

Credit: @annagoldfarb

Dogs in party gear

They are a guaranteed conversation starter at every event.

Credit: @khalv612

Puppy outside

And, let’s face it, every step they take is just so insanely cute.

Credit: @choosingthis

Nicole Pajer is a freelance writer who lives in Los Angeles with her husband, energetic Doberman, and rat terrier.


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