13 Ridiculous Cat Naps

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13 Ridiculous Cat Naps

Ideally, cats would like to sleep on a nice fluffy pile of warm laundry. But in a pinch, they’ll settle for a snooze anywhere, and we mean anywhere. Flower pots, laptops, record players—you name it, your cat will sleep on it. As these sleepy kitties prove, even the most awkward of naps are still naps.

Why stretch out on the couch when you could squeeze into your friend’s luxurious cardboard box?

We dare you to wake up Moltas and tell him he’s too big for his perch.

The kitchen island may seem like a strange place to nap—until you realize it’s just a few short steps away from the cat food bowl.

As simple humans, we’ll never understand the irresistible allure of an empty bag.

File this ridiculous nap under “Ridiculously Cute.”

Alex did not regret the awkward naps he took, but those he did not take.

Who needs a mattress when you have a pile of kitten friends?

When you’re as fluffy as Mr. Moggle, it doesn’t really matter where you pass out.

Little do Leo’s humans know, but he has an Instagram full of their equally awkward naps.

Slightly warm and extremely inconvenient, your laptop is an excellent place for a catnap.

Ms. Lili would never admit to enjoying the pedestrian charms of the cardboard box—but behind closed doors, she was known to indulge.

Leave it to a cat to find the warmest spot in the office.

If you don’t remember spooning the dog, it didn’t happen.

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By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: