23 Cats That Want to Rule the Universe

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23 Cats That Want to Rule the Universe

Hairless cats, as their devoted humans will tell you, are incredible companions. Intelligent, social and surprisingly cuddly, what these fine felines lack in fur they more than make up for in charm. That said, we have to admit that they can look a bit intimidating at times. With side-eye aplenty and zero tolerance for bald jokes, these guys give Mr. Bigglesworth a run for his money.

Sterling the hairless cat

Sterling finds your Yoda comparisons trite.

Credit: @sterling.thesphynx

Hairless cat in a sweater

You’ve never been glared at until you’ve been glared at by a Sphynx in a sweater.

Credit: @sphynxswag

Leonardo the hairless cat

This is Leonardo, King of the Internet Cats. Cheers to you, little buddy.

Credit: @mr.mrs_sphynx

Hairless cat and XBox

Tired of being ignored for the Xbox, Luna took matters into her own formidable paws.

Credit: @luna_x0

Beetlejuice cat

Be gone with you—Beetlejuice needs quiet while perfecting his plans for world domination.

Credit: @skinandbonessphynx

Percy the hairless cat

Why don’t you tell us how you really feel, Percy?

Credit: @poppetandpercysphynx

Hugo the hairless cat

Hugo isn’t a morning cat. Not even a little bit.

Credit: @hugothesphynx

Hairless cat and dog

Guess who calls the shots in this relationship?

Credit: @lusia.lysa

Stitch the hairless cat

Stitch has side-eye on speed dial.

Credit: @liloandstitchthesphynxes

Hairless kittens

That #fail of a moment when you realize it’s Friday morning, not Saturday.

Credit: @habibi_vienna

Edith the hairless cat

Edith would not be ignored. Not for Orange is the New Black, not for anything.

Credit: @edithsphynx

Hairless kitten tilting head

Every once in awhile the innocent head tilt doesn’t look so innocent.

Credit: @peachfuzzsphynx

Prunella the hairless cat

Ask Prunella how old she is at your own risk.

Credit: @prunellasphynx

Harry and Lola, hairless cats

For the record, yes, Harry and Lola are totally judging you.

Credit: @crazycatlindzagram

Peaches the cat

Don’t take this the wrong way, Peaches, but we’re going to slowly back away.

Credit: @peachesthesphynx

Paris the cat

Paris ordered club soda, not seltzer—and yes, she would like to see a manager.

Credit: @purrfectly_paris

Zeus the cat in bed

“It’s what time?! On Caturday?! You will pay for this, human. You will pay.”

Credit: @zeusthesphynxcat

Uva the cat

From a young age, Uva got right to the point.

Credit: @uva_thegrape

Hairless cats in bed

Sorry, human—it looks like you’re sleeping on the couch tonight.

Credit: @bozenabarbora

Hairless cat at the door

With Lily waiting by the door, a security system isn’t necessary.

Credit: @the.meownsters

Hairless cat in T-shirt

Tobin would like a quick word with whoever thought madras worked past Labor Day.

Credit: @24pawsandcounting

Hairless cat in stroller

Is Bug excited for her new ride? Or to take over the world, one seemingly innocent suburban stroll at a time? Only time will tell.

Credit: @bugnaked

Olive the hairless cat

Olive takes great pride in her masterful Resting Sphynx Face.

Credit: @oliveisnaked

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