How to Pamper Your Dog on a Budget

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pamper your dog

How to Pamper Your Dog on a Budget

Are you looking to spoil your pup but your wallet is a little lighter than you hoped? Well, fear not! This compilation of fun and, most importantly, budget-friendly pet supplies allows you to pamper your dog and make him feel like “the goodest boy.”

Relaxing Staycation

pamper your dog

Who doesn’t love some relaxing time spent on the couch? It’s comfortable and a great way to unwind— perhaps even take a quick nap. Why wouldn’t we want that kind of relaxation for our pups? You can  create a tranquil, cozy nook for your furry loved ones without spending a small fortune. To help your fur friend become a pup of leisure, pick up a cozy dog bed for him to unwind and take naps on.

The Frisco pillow pet bed, which retails for $21.99, is a budget-friendly option to pamper your dog without burning through your paycheck. To provide additional comfort and snuggle-y warmth, add a Smart Pet Love pet blanket.

For smaller pups who prefer a hideout for some peace and quiet, an Armarkat pet bed cave might be the perfect sanctuary for your tiny pupper to curl up in for a restful respite.

Let There Be Treats

pamper your dog

Giving your four-footed family member some love in the form of dog treats is a great, cost-effective way to make him feel like one spoiled dog. Just be sure you don’t go overboard and end up with an overweight pooch.

There are many treat varieties that offer scrumptious tidbits of deliciousness sure to please your pup without irritating his tummy or adding to his waist line. If you’re looking for more out of dog treats without breaking your bank, Get Naked Digestive Health dental chew sticks, which cost under $5, treat your pet while providing him with probiotics, prebiotics, fiber and dental support.

If your dog deserves the ultimate chewing experience, a Redbarn Naturals extra large ham bone might be in order. These types of bones help support dental health and keep tartar at bay while engaging the dog mentally and physically. They also channel your pup’s chewing tendencies into a productive and beneficial outlet instead of taking it out on your furniture.

Playtime Fun

pamper your dog

Play is a fundamental part of building a strong and lasting bond with your dog. It also benefits his overall health by providing him with mental and physical stimulation. Luckily, engaging in exciting and fun activities with your pet can be completely free! If you want to add a little zest to your play sessions, however, try some of these fun additions.

Dogs who love a good game of fetch can enjoy a modestly priced squeaker ball, which you can get for a buck and some change. Adding a fun noise to already exciting fetching can really get your dog jazzed for play time.

Another fun and affordable option is a tugging rope toy like Mammoth Monkey fist bar dog toy, which retails for $2.99. The added benefit of tugging rope toys is flossing your dog’s teeth while they chomp away.

For indoor and independent playtime, a toy like the Starmark treat dispensing chew ball, which costs under $10, can help curb boredom and offers an outlet for nervous energy in anxiety-prone canines.

Another reasonably priced way to pamper your dog is with plush toys that contain squeakers. These meet the needs of lighter chewers who love squeaky toys, and your pup can sneak away to his favorite napping spot and cuddle up with the toy for a snuggly snooze.

Dining in Style

pamper your dog

Your beloved pup should not have to eat out of any old bowl. Your spoiled dog deserves a bowl befitting of his pawsome personality. And there’s no need to spend an exorbitant amount of money when you can find an affordably priced platter for your pup that provides him with just the right amount of luxury.

Some fun dog bowls sure to meet your budget needs are the PetRageous Designs Doodle pet bowl and the Bergan pet bowl, both under $5.

A double diner can give you an affordable and stylish way to feed your pup, and dinner mats offer style while protecting floors and keeping messes contained.

Every dog deserves extra loving, playtime and treats to demonstrate just how much we love them. These budget pet care suggestions let you do that without costing yourself an arm and a leg. Now that you have some ideas on how to pamper your dog in a fiscally responsible way, get to spoiling!

By: Kendall Curley, BeChewy Editorial Assistant
As a former Connecticut resident, Kendall is coming to terms with the lack of seasons in Florida by gaining an appreciation for all the activities that the Florida climate allows year-round. When she is not hard at work at Chewy, she can be found going on adventures with her dog, Pip, or going horseback riding with her friends. She is an avid fosterer of dogs and spends an inordinate amount of time picking dog hair off of her clothes and belongings.


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