$30,000 Doghouse Unveiled

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$30,000 Doghouse Unveiled

The dog I had as a child had a dog house. It was a typical wooden one that my dad painted to look like our house. It had carpet in it and a blanket – nothing too fancy, but our dog seemed to like it. Doghouses haven’t changed a whole lot since then. They still have the same basic shape and really don’t provide much more than a cozy little shelter for our canine friends. Until now.

Samsung has designed a one-off living space they’re calling the “Dream Doghouse.” This house takes luxury dog living to a whole new level.

The Dream Doghouse features a treadmill covered in AstroTurf so your dog gets the sensation of running outside, a food dispenser he can control by pressing a button, an entertainment wall that consists of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S (so he can keep up on DogChannel.com news and you can check on him while you’re away) and a hydrotherapy pool so he can relax after a long day. The doghouse is decorated with vinyl dog-themed wallpaper, photos (these can be any photos you choose), velour furnishings and paw print pillows.

It took a team of 12 builders and designers more than six weeks to create the $30,000 Dream Doghouse, International Business Times reports.

Samsung reportedly only made one of these doghouses and instead of selling it, used it as a prize in a social media giveaway, according to Fortune. If you’re attending the Crufts Dog Show in England, you can see it in person there.

Would you want a doghouse like this for your dog?

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